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It's amazing how one and the same stone can awaken in a person a variety of intentions and aspirations - an unfair struggle has been fought over diamonds for centuries, today these precious stones are the most valuable exhibits at exhibitions, and the cost of Pink diamond at auctions rises to unimaginable limits. Diamonds evoke the brightest emotions, delight, but at the same time give rise to dark thoughts, inspired by the desire to single-handedly possess the treasure. In the world of jewelry, everything is not so categorical, diamonds in products and accessories are so widely represented that each buyer can choose stones in any price category, literally from several thousand rubles. This gem is a diamond cut in a special, ultra-precise way: the facets are arranged in such a way that the natural beauty of the stone is emphasized - its color, transparency, light refraction. Jewelers have developed enough types of cut to find a personal approach to each  Pink diamond , a way that


Why do visitors not stay on your site ? Why do they leave your eshop and not make purchases? What blame and the website you are not promoted in search engines ; What are the reasons they do not like and do not recommend your site. If you have found that your website is not getting traffic , it is easily left by the visitor without navigating through it or it is difficult to rank in the search engines, it is time to ask yourself if it is the fault of your website or eshop or if it is your fault. their content. Is your website anti-seo, ie contrary to web promotion techniques? that make the web design attractive to both visitors and search engines; What are the reasons for leaving a website & online store 1. It takes a long time for your website to load Internet users, we become really impatient when we wait for a website to load. According to a survey, 47% of consumers expect a website to load in two seconds or less and 40% to leave a site that takes more than three seconds. Even a


The car broke down on the road. We'll have to tow it to the service. But how? In a driving school, this topic is touched only in passing. Therefore, knowledge of the transportation of the car will be useful to everyone. We decided to share them. First of all, you need to decide how exactly you will transport your car to the place of the proposed repair. There are several options: on a flexible hitch, with the help of partial or full loading. Towing service  on a rigid hitch is carried out using a special design. Unlike a conventional cable, it provides a constant distance between vehicles. This is a plus. Typically, this method is used for towing heavy equipment and trucks. And quite rarely - passenger cars. The usual towing eye of a modern car simply cannot withstand a rigid hitch - with regular jerks it can break off. And hardly anyone will carry with them in reserve a device for a rigid coupling of cars. The most accessible from a technical point of view and at the same time the


connected and prepared. The easiest way is when you need to replace a faulty mixer, in this case you will roughly imagine which model you need, how long the hoses will be needed, to which supply the hot water is connected and to which cold water. Today we will talk about how to install a faucet on a washbasin. If the faucet was already on the washbasin, and it was convenient, such models should be considered, but special attention professional plumber should be paid to quality and maintainability. Expensive models will be more reliable, but in the event of a breakdown, consumables in the form of crane boxes, cartridges, aerators can be very expensive, and they can not always be found in stores. Preference should be given to high-quality mixersand cranes of the most common brands, having previously checked with the consultant whether spare parts are available for repair, and in what range the prices are. Note the length and height of the spout, sometimes referred to as the gander. It m


Our installers have traveled to a municipality near  to start the installation of an isolated connection solar kit with a Must Solar inverter and Ultracell stationary batteries . It should be remembered that the isolated connection kits always have among their components an inverter and batteries to be able to store energy and in case of cloudy days or high consumption to make use of that solar energy . Do not forget that it is essential to carry out a good dimensioning of the installation so that problems are not generated . As we have anticipated before, this system has a Must Solar inverter , ERA solar panels and Ultracell batteries . The details of the elements that make up this isolated connection solar kit are explained below. In the first place, the installation has a total of 12 24V solar panels from the manufacturer ERA Solar arranged in 6 pairs and connected in parallel. As these are panels that work at 340W, the photovoltaic system, thanks to the orientation and inclination


What is Transport training? Periodic training is a compulsory course for all drivers who want to renew their entitlement to professional road transport of passengers or goods or who have a category C and / or D driving license issued before a certain date, who want to start their professional adventure behind the wheel. Periodic training is cyclical and should be repeated regularly every 5 years. Each Transport training  ends with the issuing of a professional qualification certificate. It is worth noting - after the end of the training, there is no state examination. However, medical and psychological examinations should be performed. With the ruling that there are no contraindications to practice as a driver and a certificate of professional qualification, the trainee must report to the appropriate communication department, where the driving license is replaced and the code 95 confirming the entitlement is entered in the twelfth column of the driving license. Who is  Transport traini


Building inspection  of the property accompanied by a certified real estate inspector (service no. 2) - price from 2,900.00 - the output of the service is oral information about detected failures and possible other risks of hidden defects. The certified inspector participates in the inspection of the property and continuously warns the interested party of obvious defects and the risks of hidden defects. When is it appropriate to inspect the property together with a certified inspector?  For a customer buying a property, an inspection with an inspector is an ideal solution at a time when the customer likes the property in terms of location, size and is considering buying a property. The inspection with the inspector will help when the reconstruction of the property needs to be solved or its reconstruction is being considered. A tour with a property inspector is ideal for accepting a newly built family house or apartment in a new building or before the building is approved. Real estate i

Battery systems with tanks

The most widespread are fuel battery systems with hydraulic accumulators.  Accumulators are made in the form of separate containers or as a whole with a high-pressure pump or nozzle. An example of a fuel system with a battery in the form of a tank is the injection system of the main marine diesel Doxford.  A high-pressure pump 1 with an eccentric drive supplies fuel through two automatic injection valves 2 of the ball type into a container 4, in which a pressure of 420-490 MPa is maintained.  The pressure in the container is monitored using a manometer connected to box 11, which contains shut-off, safety and drain valves.   The fuel enters the pump through the suction valve and the inlet port 3. The fuel supply to the cylinder is controlled by throttling at the suction by changing the flow area in the valves.  From the storage tank, the fuel flows to the metering device 5 through two poppet valves 6, controlled by the cam washer 10 and the lever 9, and then to the nozzle 7. Elements of


The market would be apparently perfect if, when making the first purchase, the consumer became a loyal and frequent customer of the place and the brand. Efforts would be spared, but inevitably their development. After all, it is the stimulation of competition and to satisfy and retain customers of increasingly difficult motorcycle parts that drives the company to invest in growth, improvements and innovation. Market facilities and accessible technology are available to everyone, including competitors and pirates. It is not easy to survive in the current market and marketing is an essential tool for the success of the business, even for those who have a more specific target audience such as that of a motorbike spares . The gradual change in the profile of customers Until the 1980s, the word loyalty was far removed from its market practice. After all, the customer looked for the company, made his purchase and returned whenever he needed to. But in the same period there was a greater open


When we travel for business, we need to feel good, after all the hotel will be your second home while traveling, this need not be a bad experience. Check out 7 tips on how to choose the perfect hotel accommodation with the best cost x benefit without error and without paying more for it! In this article you will learn how to identify, choose and adopt the best hotels for business trips. 1 - Care with the Location Location is essential, but it will always be a trade-off , you will not always find a hotel close to your appointment that will make you sleep well, so open your search a little more, sometimes with R $ 10.00 more on Uber and 15 minutes in traffic, you can be better  hotel accommodation ; The opposite is also true, there will always be a 5-star hotel on the other side of the city for the price of one of 3 in the region of your meetings, but be prepared to stay at least 1 hour in traffic, don't be tempted: stress and price displacement will not compensate; If you are going


Buying and selling investment diamonds is our main business. Many of you have probably heard of the term investment diamond, and some may be considering investing in a diamond at this time of uncertainty. Investing in diamonds Buying and selling Diamond investment   is our main business. Many of you have certainly heard about the concept of investment diamond, and some may think in the current uncertain times (conflict in and in fact almost all over the world, terrorism, Brexit, the threat of the collapse of Bank, CNB intervention, etc. - unfortunately enough) investing in diamonds. If you now find a few minutes of free time and read this article, you may find that the diamond meets the requirements you expect from the investment. Diamond is the most concentrated form of wealth 1 million invested in a diamond can weigh less than 0.10 grams (less than 0.50 ct in the case of a colored diamond). On the other hand, you get approx. 1 kilogram of gold or approx. 72 kilograms of silver. This