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Why do visitors not stay on your site ? Why do they leave your eshop and not make purchases? What blame and the website you are not promoted in search engines ; What are the reasons they do not like and do not recommend your site. If you have found that your website is not getting traffic , it is easily left by the visitor without navigating through it or it is difficult to rank in the search engines, it is time to ask yourself if it is the fault of your website or eshop or if it is your fault. their content. Is your website anti-seo, ie contrary to web promotion techniques? that make the web design attractive to both visitors and search engines;

What are the reasons for leaving a website & online store

1. It takes a long time for your website to load

Internet users, we become really impatient when we wait for a website to load. According to a survey, 47% of consumers expect a website to load in two seconds or less and 40% to leave a site that takes more than three seconds. Even a delay of one second reduces customer satisfaction by about 16%. The slow web page loading time disappoints of your site visitors and affects conversion speed and perception of the brand - especially in mobile phone users, who sometimes rely on slower internet connections when browsing the Internet. You will be wondering how slow loading time can beto influence brand perception. According web design to studies by mobile phone companies, the more a website needs to be loaded, the more website visitors blame the website owner instead of their mobile provider. So if you want your visitors and potential customers to stay on your site or in your eshop , it is very important to optimize the performance of your website . The web page load time can be affected by the size of the images, code, videos, slider with animations and other factors. If you have an eshop with thousands of products, you may have already noticed that the eshop loading timecan increase dramatically. It is therefore necessary to choose the right server that will host your website . We at have a server with great security and speed. After ensuring the right hosting, you should also make sure that your site does not burden. Upload image sizes to your website depending on its niche and not larger. You can use free online programs for size reduction without having technical knowledge, like the one we suggest in our related article here .

2. Website design is not optimized for mobile

When surfing the web on a mobile phone, have you ever had to scroll from page to page to read a web page? Did you have to click to enlarge because the words or buttons on a page were too small? If this has happened to you, then you know that these websites are not mobile optimized and do not help the user navigate. Especially if you have an online store and it is not optimized for mobile, it is certain that you are losing online sales every day. Google now penalizes web design and eshop design that is not mobile friendly. This is because Google wants to improve the mobile browsing experience for mobile users. So, if your web design is not optimized for mobile devices, you will significantly lose organic search rankings, ie when users search for services and products you have, they will not find the websiteyour. Can you really afford to lose all this traffic and all these sales? It's unlikely, since all businesses are now hoping to increase their online sales. Our company specializes in creating websites and eshop and we design search engine friendly websites , which automatically adapt to all mobile devices.

3. The website is not easy to navigate

When someone visits your website, does they know what to do, where to go, what are the next steps? Is the visitor easily guided by the structure and menu of your website? Users visiting a website or an eshop, they do it for their entertainment and information or because they are looking for products and services. But they are not experts in guessing the steps they need to take on your site to read the article they are interested in or to buy the product they are looking for. And while many have enriched their website with detailed guides and could offer real information to the visitor, instead they lose it! Because they simply do not give any direction to their website or because they ask visitors to click. In the creation of web design as well as in the construction of eshop, the easy navigation and the clear structure for the visitor are of great importance. Of great value is how you encourage and guide the user to take an action or how to lead them to the next steps, such as registering on your website, watching a video or receiving a free trial. Before building a site should be preceded by a study, based on the strategy of the business, so that the website has easy, friendly navigation and skillfully guides the visitor to do the actions you want, without feeling compelled to click.

4. The site uses many pop-ups

Excess pop-ups, the so-called pop up , are the windows that open when you read your article and ask you to follow the facebook page, click to win something, click to see it, click to see the other. That is, what actually happens with pop ups windows, is to distract the user from the reading experience and this can become seriously annoying, since it is often done in an aggressive way.

What is the right way to use pop ups on the website

Use pop ups in moderation. This way, you do not constantly bombard your visitors with content that they are not interested in.

Do it "smartly". The smart pop ups allow you to show different popups (or any popup window) to different types of visitors, depending on whether they've visited your site before, or if you are in some stage of the buying process.

Monitor the effectiveness of pop ups on your site . Evaluate the number of views and clicks in each pop-up, along with the number of pages leading to the pop-up. If you find that it does not run very well, you can edit or remove it to create a better user experience for your visitors. You can also run A / B variation tests to test different copies and offers.

Use them politely. Many websites do not allow visitors to close the pop up or the X icon that closes the window has the same color as the background of the website so that the user can not detect it. Do not follow these techniques. Give the web design the option to choose "no".

An alternative to pop-ups are small banners that are inserted from the side or bottom of the page with a prompt for action. They tend to be less annoying, providing users with more information while at the same time allowing them to continue reading the piece of content.

5. The website contains video or music with autoplay

Imagine opening such a website and being at work .. Not knowing where to hide .. from the boss, from the colleague waiting for the list you have not given him since the morning or from the client on the phone .. If someone enjoys what they thought was a silent tour and is suddenly bombarded with your song or hears someone suddenly talking from a video, it's really dramatic. Is there even a chance to come back to this site ??? Honestly none !!! It's the surest way to prevent someone from visiting the siteyour. Even though Facebook and Twitter have automated videos in our feeds, keep in mind that they are always muted unless users choose to enable them. Use the same courtesy to your visitors, do not force them to "bathe" the content of your media. Let them choose when to press play.

6. The site has many moving images and graphics that are disorienting

Many users only need the first 3 seconds to focus on your website , which will familiarize them with your site, which will make them decide whether to stay or leave. Users of the three seconds must immediately navigate to any website they happen to open, before clicking "back" in their browser to leave. The many animations ( animations), animations selected, autoplay videos, flashing ads - you know, those ads you get paid for with clicks or impressions - and other interactive entertainment services may seem appealing to you or profitable, but if they are too annoying or disorienting, they can reduce the visitor's focus during these critical first seconds. Make sure that the designs that the animations have on your web design, ie the graphics are simple and not complex, so as not to distract the user, and do not fill your page with paid ads. Keep a balance, give weight to what your website really offers to the visitor.

7. You do not have representative images on your website

The images on a website , the graphics and the photos, is an important reason that will make the visitor love or hate your website. Putting an image on a website just because you found it for free and the same image is used by thousands of other websites is not the best thing. Presenting your company with a photo and the visitor seeing one of the classic images with about a dozen employees jumping for happiness, is not that wise. If you know any company that will make me so happy working in it, please highly recommend it to me! Choose more natural employee photos or even better, photograph the real employees of your company. You will look more serious and more credible to your site visitor, as if he is tired of opening web design for years and seeing photos of people jumping for joy at work. Present your services and products with smart images, do not copy images faithfully from other sites, because on the one hand the result can be a bad copy, and on the other hand, with unique, your own images, you will definitely arouse the visitor's interest .

8. You have insufficient contact information on your site

The visitor enters your site, looking to find the contact detailsto get in touch with you, but nothing, nowhere. Because while your website has a very nice contact form, you have not written contact numbers, an email or a facebook address. You may think that the contact form is an easy way to create an email list, but the reality is a little different. What you offer to the visitor should be very strong or have a crazy demand, to make him enter the process of writing in the contact form, when you clearly pass the picture, that from the beginning you cut off any direct contact and communication together your. The visitor wants to ask you something and he wants it "now". It becomes even more difficult to become your customer, since he knows that any request or support he needs from you, he will not be able to find you! And what is the reliability of the business, when it does not know where & how to find you! Therefore, give the visitors of your site the possibility of direct communication. Write down your phones and especially your landline, your email, give him the opportunity to communicate with you through other means, such as facebook, skype, etc.

9. Vague descriptions in "About us"

Whichever website you are interested in for something, you will automatically be directed to see who has it, what is the company behind the website and even more so behind the eshop. web design customers in particular, what they mainly want to understand, is whether the company is serious or monkey, if it is reliable. So you go to the page "About us", "Who we are" or "Our company" and you read common or variegated phrases that are often used by many websites, since sometimes you think it is copy paste !. Your goal may be to impress and you think that this way you will win the visitor and keep him on the sitebut the reality is that you will win him over by talking to him simply and directly. You will win him if you speak to him in the human language that you would use if you had him in front of you. So use everyday speech when describing who you are, what your goals and ideals are and give the visitor of your website the opportunity to feel human and "real", just like he is.

10. The website does not clearly show what your company does, what you sell

You see really impressive websites that interest you to browse them, and as with "About Us", it is frustrating to click and not be able to understand exactly what this website has to offer, not to have a clear sense about what the company that owns it does, what it sells or what the visitor himself can do. If you have a well-known brand or company, you may not be able to describe who you are and what you do. Most businesses, however, need to answer these questions so that every visitor knows that they are in the right place, on a website that really interests them. What the visitor wants when he opens a website is to understand in the first seconds if the website concerns him.shows your website what you are selling . "Do not make me think, show me who you are and what you sell", because no one wants to waste their time.

11. The website does not have a blog

You may be wondering why the absence of the blog from the website, ie the lack of informative articles, can make the visitor indifferent to your site. Get into the user psychology for a while and think about how you work when you enter a corporate website. As a consumer, before you contact the company to buy something, what do you do? You are looking for. You are looking for explanatory instructions for the products or services that interest you, you are looking for the reliability of the company or the product, that is, you are doing market research. So if you deprive your visitor of this opportunity without having a blog with additional articles and information, why do you think he will turn to your company for a purchase? And why continue to browse your website,

12. The website is bombarded with "keywords"

The role of website promotion - SEO as we usually say - is now known to everyone, for whatever reason they have a web page. Everyone knows that without website promotion , their site can not get a lot of traffic, can not get close to search engine users. And the now-advertised keywords have entered the consciousness of companies that want to see their website on the first pages of google . But creating a website themselves or outsourcing the construction of a website to non-really experienced professionals in seo, repeat on a page the web design they think will bring them money. You read the page and you are bombarded with repetitions of the same words, without really needing them or without making sense of them. This is a surefire way to get rid of clutter you don't need on your google site. Just like you, the user of the website wants quality in reading texts, he wants correct descriptions and understanding. Google demands the same quality from your website as all search engines. To avoid the tricks and the cheap imitations in the construction of websites and the construction of eshop, the solution is to outsource the construction of the website or its reconstruction to an experienced, responsible and reliable web design company. We at Make My Web with many years of experience in the field of web design and in optimizing and promoting web pages , we have proven to our customers our effectiveness and we guarantee the quality of construction on your site. We create websites and eshops that users want to visit again and again!


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