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It's amazing how one and the same stone can awaken in a person a variety of intentions and aspirations - an unfair struggle has been fought over diamonds for centuries, today these precious stones are the most valuable exhibits at exhibitions, and the cost of Pink diamond at auctions rises to unimaginable limits. Diamonds evoke the brightest emotions, delight, but at the same time give rise to dark thoughts, inspired by the desire to single-handedly possess the treasure.

In the world of jewelry, everything is not so categorical, diamonds in products and accessories are so widely represented that each buyer can choose stones in any price category, literally from several thousand rubles.

This gem is a diamond cut in a special, ultra-precise way: the facets are arranged in such a way that the natural beauty of the stone is emphasized - its color, transparency, light refraction. Jewelers have developed enough types of cut to find a personal approach to each Pink diamond, a way that will help create a beautiful, shining diamond.

In the language of the buyer, a diamond is a beautiful stone, a symbol of prosperity, and in the old days and power: only nobility, royalty were allowed to wear cut diamonds. Of course, a diamond is a win-win gift. It will never be superfluous, hardly anyone will refuse such a presentation or say “thanks, but I already have it”. There are never too many Pink diamond, all the more so, the value of stones only grows over time, and no modern developments in the creation of synthetic analogs are ready to compete with diamonds.

The cost of a cut stone directly depends on four parameters - the color of the diamond, its clarity, cut quality and carat (weight, 1 carat = 0.2 grams). The higher all these indicators are complex, the more expensive the diamond is. Unique characteristics are not so common, and similar pure, perfectly cut stones, each in its own category of color and weight, are subject to auction, found in private collections. The cost of Pink diamond in this category amounts to hundreds of thousands and tens of millions of dollars.

Jewelers use the 4C rule to evaluate stones: Сarat / Сolor / Сlarity / Сut - weight, color, transparency (purity), cut. Each category has its own characteristics, and they are not always clear to everyone who is far from the jewelry profession. But even the basics, allowing you to understand the value of diamonds, will be enough to choose and buy any other jewelry with a diamond that has really worthy value.

In ancient times of the Ancient East, when the equipment available to modern craftsmen of precious stones and metals was beyond even dreaming, the weight of Pink diamond, like other stones and even food products, was compared to the seeds of the carob (Caribbean) tree. Capsicum ceratonia in Latin has a name consonant with the word "carat" - serátiοn. The stable mass of these seeds, equal to 0.2 grams, has become a measure of weight, among other things, for diamonds.

One such grain is the equivalent of 1 carat diamond weight (Ct). But a diamond, even a faceted one, has a special property: a stable, unchanging density. This quality became the basis for the grading of the carat of Pink diamond by their diameter (or width in millimeters). You can measure these values ​​and correlate them with the carat table, the values ​​will be identical, and the discrepancies are scanty, irrelevant.

For diamonds weighing more than 1 carat, this rule applies the same way, the ratio of the diameter of the stone and its weight can always be compared with the data in the table and the results of weighing on special equipment - there will be no discrepancies at all, or their presence will be reduced to an insignificant minimum.

The joke that a real woman without scales to determine the carat of a Pink diamond by eye is not a joke at all. The photo clearly demonstrates the ratio of size to carat weight, assuming the diamond is on the finger.Of course, remembering all sizes is not so easy. But for fans of diamond jewelry, there is a proven life hack:

- if we take as a basis the smallest, half-carat Pink diamond and the largest, 7 Ct, and also remember how a 3-carat stone looks on the hand, all other intermediate values ​​can be determined by focusing on the larger and smaller sides of the average size.

It is worth remembering that this data can only be applied to diamonds, the data is derived from their density. For sapphires, rubies, topazes and other gemstones, this system will not work. Visually, a diamond of 1 Ct and, for example, a ruby ​​will be of different sizes, corundum is noticeably larger than a diamond with an equal carat of stones.

To distinguish diamonds by color, a universal international designation system has been developed according to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America, an independent organization) method, where the gradation is indicated by the letters from D to M.

Colorless diamonds are the most expensive in the jewelry market, these are stones of categories D, E and F. To understand the difference between stones of this, the highest category is the work of a specialist with extensive experience. Such Pink diamond belong to the investment group, and are used in exclusive jewelry or for storing and increasing money. The growth in the cost of such stones is from 10% annually.

GH is the second category, such diamonds are also quite valuable, but have a lower cost due to the barely noticeable yellow tint.All other diamonds, from I to Z, belong to the group of inexpensive colorless stones and are most widely used in jewelry.In addition to the international GIA system, there is a Russian gradation: it is more complex and is designed, first of all, for professionals - jewelers, appraisers.

The color ratio between the GIA and Australia parameters depends on the carat of the diamond and for this reason there are some discrepancies between the data of the international and Russian classifications.


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