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Office move? Do not miss these tips

Have you been selected as the person in charge of organizing your office move and you don't know where to start? Is that if a home move is complicated ... the office move can become a real nightmare if we do not organize ourselves properly or use professionals to help make it as bearable as possible.

That is why at Best Removalists Newcastle we have listed in this post the best tips to make an office move without complications or unforeseen events.

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Tips for moving your office

1. Plan your move-in date

It sounds like an irrelevant advice but, choosing the day that the move is going to take place is as important as all the rest since the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • That the chosen move-in date is not on a holiday.
  • That is not on the "peak" day of the week where the company has more work and thus avoid losing sales.
  • In the event that they decide to make the move on their own, make sure that it is a day where the entire workforce is present to help streamline the process.
  • In the event that you decide to hire a professional moving company, ensure availability dates to avoid unforeseen events.

2. Make a record of everything

Remembering what was in each box or what that cable was used for can be an absolute nightmare. In order to have this record always controlled, a good idea is to create it digitally and have a paper backup. Thus, if there were a problem, there would always be a copy of it safe. Some recommendations to carry out a correct registration of your furniture:

  • Standardize with nomenclature the record of each thing. This is especially important for the documentation to keep. For example, if you have several boxes with documentation from the Marketing department, a good practice would be to put a label with a name.
  • When you check in, try to sort the list by grouping. Either by the type of article or by the department of work. This will help you not to forget anything and in this way, the return to normality in the office will be much easier.

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3. Ask each worker to create their 'essential box'

Ask the workers to create their 'essential box'. What does it mean? Those elements that are absolutely necessary to carry out their tasks and that can be moved last (and delivered first) in order to minimize the consequences of the move. Here are some examples of essentials:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger (always forgotten)
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Notebook
  • Plant (they help to generate a Zen and concentration space)
  • Work chair

4. Take careful measures with your hardware

One of the most delicate elements when making an office move is undoubtedly the transfer of all hardware equipment (servers, computers, etc.). Here are some tips to ensure the integrity of the equipment:

  • Tidy your cables carefully to ensure that untangling them doesn't become an eternal chore.
  • Use packing material to ensure the hardware is protected. The plastic bubble moving can be helpful to avoid knocks.
  • Hire a trustworthy moving service that includes insurance, pay special attention to the registry or inventory that we talked about before, and assign department managers to track them.

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5. Notify your customers and suppliers

Something common when we face a moving process in the office is forgetting to notify clients and suppliers. Here are some recommendations so that your entire supply chain is aware of the move:

  • Change your new address: remember to make the change in channels such as Google Maps, business cards, web, email and in all communication channels in which the company is present.
  • Notification of the moving day: it is recommended that you let them know which days the move will take place; in case it is more difficult to find you or any of your tasks could suffer some kind of delay due to this situation.

6. Pay special attention to the physical safety of your workers

The last of our tips is to pay special attention to the physical security of the workplace during the moving process. It is important to remind your workers:

  • Moving boxes should never exceed 25 kg in weight.
  • Transport office furniture between two or more people.
  • When lifting weights off the ground, make sure you have firm control over the object you are lifting by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

With these recommendations, you will avoid injuries when transporting things and the process will be much easier.

Remember that at Best Removalists Newcastle we offer moving services, and that we also work with companies. Get in touch with us today!


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