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Planning & material advice for Bathroom Renovation

There is an idea behind every bathroom! There are customers who want a different tile color or a different bathroom furniture. A trend that is repeatedly expressed in customer requests is the larger, well-equipped shower. Or would you prefer a bathtub with an attractive shape?Let yourself be inspired in a conversation with our construction planner. It is important to develop a design language and a material idea for your new bathroom. Bathroom Renovation can also get a completely different “twist” through details such as the bathroom accessories. Collect your impressions and let them take effect for a while. The results of this research will later be clearly visible in your new rooms.The craftsman / planner for your new bathroom needs extensive knowledge and experience in planning and customer advice. Do you know that? The toilet must be placed on the main drain line, windows, doors or sloping ceilings possibly restrict the plans? Here the know-how of the construction planner and in p

Tiling step by step - Surface preparation

In this post we start with a series of tips for  tiling walls correctly . First of all we are going to clarify the difference between   tiling  and   tiling  , since many times the terms are confused, it is simply that tiling is done on walls and tiling on floors, the technique for tiling is a little different from that of tiling, But the tips we are going to see can be easily applied to both concepts. Wall tiles are usually called tiles.  In this article we will talk about tiling to refer to both. Surface Preparation. One of the main points to place tiles correctly is to have  the support  on which we are going to  tile  well prepared  , having a  firm and clean  surface  will ensure we get a good grip, if the support is very flat it will facilitate the laying without the dreaded ones « teeth »between  tiling . To get a good base, different types of mortar are usually used, from an aggregate and portland mortar to carry out a drilling process, to a self-leveling mortar

Keys for sanding parquet and other indoor floor sanding

The  wooden  Floor Sanding   are increasingly introduced into our homes and private businesses as well as public buildings and spaces, both indoor and outdoor areas.  This greater demand is due, to a large extent, to the wide design possibilities that they offer, to the beauty and naturalness of their exclusive finishes, as well as the feeling of warmth and welcoming that they generate in their environment.  However, although its use is widespread at many levels, if we want to  sand parquet correctly and achieve professional results   , we must leave it in the hands of experts and take into account a series of tips. Therefore, the professional group dedicated to the  treatment and care  of wooden floors has become   highly  professional   in recent years: The  cutting and sanding  processes of  parquet no longer generate  suspended  dust  due to the use of highly efficient portable filtration vacuum cleaners.  This avoids the previous work of covering the furniture and the su

Roof paint: tips and advice

Painting the roof of the house, either for a simple reason to renew the current  roof paint or to give a new air to the room, is something that  should be done from time to time .  Contrary to what it may seem, it is not complicated if we have in mind some  basic indications and certain materials .  Find out everything you need to know to get the best results with your ideal ceiling paint. Preparation and materials for painting the ceiling Before knowing in detail  what tools and materials we will need to roof paint  the ceiling, we must take into account some previous questions regarding surface preparation.  To avoid splashes that may occur, it is necessary to  remove the furniture from the room and cover the floor  with plastic sheeting, newsprint or cardboard. Shades and lamps should be removed and plugs covered with tape.  Having a  ladder high and safe  enough to paint comfortably  is also essential  .  Clothing is also important,  you must use special clothing for roo

Engagement Rings You Don't Get Screwed Up With The Order

Whether you are looking for cheap engagement rings, or more expensive pieces with diamonds, you need to follow some fundamental tips to make the right choice and be able to please the bride with a ring that represents all the love and commitment you want to assume. The first thing you need to do is define the budget you have in mind.  Keep in mind that you will have to reserve a part for the  wedding rings  , since the engagement ring is not the same as the alliances that you will wear throughout the marriage. The second is to find a good jewelry.  At Torrico Joyeros you may not find all the ring models that we show you in this article, but many others similar, good prices and top quality crafts. If you do not have the ability to invest too much money, you should choose a low cost engagement ring, but do not be discouraged, there are hundreds of beautiful models on the market to choose from. Another point to consider is whether or not you wear diamonds.  Not all rings shoul