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Planning & material advice for Bathroom Renovation

There is an idea behind every bathroom! There are customers who want a different tile color or a different bathroom furniture. A trend that is repeatedly expressed in customer requests is the larger, well-equipped shower. Or would you prefer a bathtub with an attractive shape?Let yourself be inspired in a conversation with our construction planner. It is important to develop a design language and a material idea for your new bathroom. Bathroom Renovation can also get a completely different “twist” through details such as the bathroom accessories. Collect your impressions and let them take effect for a while. The results of this research will later be clearly visible in your new rooms.The craftsman / planner for your new bathroom needs extensive knowledge and experience in planning and customer advice.
There is an idea behind every bathroom! There are customers who want a different tile color or a different bathroom furniture.

Do you know that?

The toilet must be placed on the main drain line, windows, doors or sloping ceilings possibly restrict the plans? Here the know-how of the construction planner and in practical implementation the experience of the employees on site is crucial.We have been planning bathrooms and living spaces for 20 years and can proudly look back on successfully designed bathrooms. With the help of 3D bathroom planning and a site inspection beforehand, we develop and plan the details of the room, which can later be crucial to be addressed a little more about the room and its user friendliness.

Implementation of bathroom planning

Planning takes between 2-4 weeks, implementation of the idea takes 2-3 weeks.The personal commitment of the customer is a crucial aspect in the construction phase in order to quickly and directly implement the right path, even in the case of minor details.Are you looking for a competent partner for your Bathroom Renovation project?We spare no effort and personal effort to develop and design distinctive projects for you. Talk to us with your idea. We are happy to find the first starting points in a get-to-know-you discussion.We also lay porcelain stoneware tiles of various sizes for our customers in Munich as tilers and are happy to advise you on the advantages of the material.

Our tilers know - tiles are increasingly an important design element in modern living rooms.The color and surface of a tile can change a bathroom to be renovated or a newly remodeled kitchen in the desired direction. As a service provider for complete remodeling, tilers & floor layers in Munich, we optimally coordinate furniture, light and the remaining built-in materials with the tiled floor or wall.
There is an idea behind every bathroom! There are customers who want a different tile color or a different bathroom furniture.

For the renovation work at your site in Munich, we offer porcelain stoneware tiles from European production with the "upper quality level" and the "highest quality level".Our tilers & floorers lay tiles in large format, ie. over 60 x 60 cm up to 180 x 150 cm. The tile flooring is carried out during our renovation work using the so-called thin bed method, the middle bed method or the minimal bed method.

Tiles and the laying of tiles have now developed into a small science. Our experience as a tiler in Munich over the past 20 years has shown us with regard to tiling and advice that it is worth using only high quality materials for the renovation of a Bathroom Renovation , kitchen or living room.For example, simple clay tiles are increasingly being used and ordered by tilers as wall coverings. The porcelain stoneware tile, on the other hand, offers some advantages with its very hard surface.Our tilers & floor layers for Munich differentiate here between a polished and a "natural" surface. The porcelain stoneware tile can also be partially polished. With a partial polish, the depth of the tile surface is emphasized. Get advice on site in Munich - for the renovation of your family home, your apartment or your commercial premises!

We make bathroom dreams come true!


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