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Tiling step by step - Surface preparation

In this post we start with a series of tips for tiling walls correctly.First of all we are going to clarify the difference between  tiling and  tiling , since many times the terms are confused, it is simply that tiling is done on walls and tiling on floors, the technique for tiling is a little different from that of tiling, But the tips we are going to see can be easily applied to both concepts.Wall tiles are usually called tiles. In this article we will talk about tiling to refer to both.

Surface Preparation.
In this post we start with a series of tips for tiling walls correctly . First of all we are going to clarify the difference between

One of the main points to place tiles correctly is to have the support on which we are going to tile well prepared , having a firm and clean surface will ensure we get a good grip, if the support is very flat it will facilitate the laying without the dreaded ones « teeth »between tiling.
To get a good base, different types of mortar are usually used, from an aggregate and portland mortar to carry out a drilling process, to a self-leveling mortar if it is a matter of tiling, each case will be different, but we must ensure firmness, cleanliness and flatness of the support.To get flat surfaces it will be necessary to help us with rules of adequate dimensions, make some masters that serve as guides and spread the mortar following the masters, this whole process has nothing to do with tiling but it is a vital point to facilitate good tiling .
In this post we start with a series of tips for tiling walls correctly . First of all we are going to clarify the difference between

As for the cleaning of the support, a good sweep will suffice, the support should not drop pebbles, because if they do not pass the trowel, they will come off and complicate our lives.For different mortar supports, for example wood, plaster walls, old tiles, etc ... we must use a special glue cement for each type of surface , although personally I think it is preferable to remove those materials and level the surface with mortar and then tiling.
Sometimes, when removing the old tiles, we have the wall almost ready to tile, in that case if the old tiles were well placed, we will already have the plumb and smooth walls, so it will be enough to cover the remaining holes and we can tile on top perfectly.Once we have the surface prepared, the tiling will be much faster and easier to do by spreading the glue cement with a notched trowel.


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