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Website Designing Explained In Brief

Website design is an area focused on planning, designing, maintaining and creating digital interfaces. Simply put, as the name implies, web design refers to the process of designing websites and web pages. 

And as simple as it sounds, it is one of the most important elements for attracting leads and possible sales closings.

When we compare custom web design vs WordPress you may realize that web design involves more work but at the same time more freedoms.

This process covers many areas, such as interface design, SEO optimization, and website design among other things. 

At a general level, web design is considered the design of the site, that is, from issues such as background color to the choice of typography.

And this design is closely related to making the user experience more friendly. Especially because there are different types of tastes and trends, which can vary according to the industries where you operate.

In the same way, designing websites that respond to user experience has become part of the norm , although not everyone considered it that way at first.

In digital marketing it is a key element in the creation and execution of strategies.

Next we will talk more in depth about web design in digital marketing, its importance and some rules that you must keep in mind if you want your site to be number one in its field.

What does web design entail?

Jezweb have already seen the difference between art and design that graphic design focuses on typography, colors and other visual elements that together manage to produce and communicate a message. 

In web design, graphic elements are preserved, but they do not necessarily have to be a static format. 

One of its advantages is precisely the ability to combine fixed or static elements with interactive elements.

Motion Graphics, illustrations, slides, audio and video, are some elements that designers can integrate, which gives them greater freedom to communicate the message and the intentions of the site with respect to the user. 

For example, if the website is intended to publicize or present your products, including testimonials in the form of video may be more feasible than presenting them as text.

What is a web designer and what are its functions?

Web design involves many skills and knowledge, which depend on the designer. 

Web developers and web designers tend to get confused and pass as one, but both profiles fulfill different functions and are important to be able to make your website work as well as possible, standing out from the rest.

Having one or more in your company guarantees that they are focused only on your project - unlike freelancers - and that they have a clearer idea of ​​the corporate image you want to convey and thus achieve a professional website. 

Another advantage is that by having more knowledge about the product or service you offer, they can ensure that the efficiency of the projects is not only in the short and medium term, but also focused on the long term. 

In addition, the need to be able to apply immediate solutions to any unforeseen event that arises is covered by having a plant web developer. 

We tell you a little more in detail the differences between a web developer and a web designer.     


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