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Buying and selling investment diamonds is our main business. Many of you have probably heard of the term investment diamond, and some may be considering investing in a diamond at this time of uncertainty.

Investing in diamonds

Buying and selling Diamond investment  is our main business. Many of you have certainly heard about the concept of investment diamond, and some may think in the current uncertain times (conflict in and in fact almost all over the world, terrorism, Brexit, the threat of the collapse of Bank, CNB intervention, etc. - unfortunately enough) investing in diamonds. If you now find a few minutes of free time and read this article, you may find that the diamond meets the requirements you expect from the investment.

Diamond is the most concentrated form of wealth

1 million invested in a diamond can weigh less than 0.10 grams (less than 0.50 ct in the case of a colored diamond). On the other hand, you get approx. 1 kilogram of gold or approx. 72 kilograms of silver. This fact makes diamonds an easily mobile, storable investment. It is very pleasant if you can move all your wealth to the other end of the world in your own pocket. You also don't have to deal with its storage. You can safely store a diamond, for example, in a bank box, where you would find it very difficult to store the 72 kg of silver mentioned.

Diamond ownership is not registered

At present, the purchase of a diamond is not subject to any registration. In short, neither the authorities nor your neighbor need to know about your property.

Diamond is an independent investment

The price of diamonds does not depend on the prices of other commodities, and even during the financial crisis it has shown resilience to market declines.

Stable increase in value

The development of the price of Diamond investment is stable and historically has very few slight fluctuations. From investing in a diamond , the investor can expect an almost constant increase in value . However, the increase is modest, and therefore the diamond should primarily serve as a store of value, whose price increase serves to cover inflation and small profits.

For example, I will give an evaluation of 1ct, 2ct, 3ct and 5ct diamond D / IF parameters over the last 10 and 20 years.

1ct D / IF + 26% (10 years); + 45% (20 years)

2ct D / IF + 41% (10 years); + 87% (20 years)

3ct D / IF + 93% (10 years); + 135% (20 years)

5ct D / IF + 119% (10 years); + 163% (20 years)

Tradable worldwide

Worldwide, the price of Diamond investment is governed by the internationally recognized Report price list. Therefore, the liquidity of diamonds has no effect on which end of the world you are at, because in a given place the trader will still follow the same price list. However, be sure that your diamond must have one of the internationally recognized certificates.

What to look out for when buying

In order for the diamond not to lose its beauty even financially, it is necessary to pay attention to the lowest possible price and an internationally recognized certificate when purchasing. For many years, an expensive diamond can only earn on the seller's margin. Don't be fooled by the massive advertising of competing retailers or various nonsensical guarantees. When buying a Diamond investment, pay particular attention to the international certificate , perfect parameters of the diamond and the price. Because when you or your descendants sell a diamond in the future, you will be mainly interested in the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

Due to the strict cost management and membership of the diamond exchange, VVDiamonds guarantees the lowest prices of investment diamonds in the Australia and sydney, which are comparable to leading foreign sellers.


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