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The market would be apparently perfect if, when making the first purchase, the consumer became a loyal and frequent customer of the place and the brand. Efforts would be spared, but inevitably their development. After all, it is the stimulation of competition and to satisfy and retain customers of increasingly difficult motorcycle parts that drives the company to invest in growth, improvements and innovation.

Market facilities and accessible technology are available to everyone, including competitors and pirates. It is not easy to survive in the current market and marketing is an essential tool for the success of the business, even for those who have a more specific target audience such as that of a motorbike spares.

The gradual change in the profile of customers

Until the 1980s, the word loyalty was far removed from its market practice. After all, the customer looked for the company, made his purchase and returned whenever he needed to. But in the same period there was a greater opening in the market and new technologies began to emerge - as did competition, which expanded trade and broke a large part of monopolies.

Customers began to have a choice, were able to research other companies and products in the market and became more demanding with what they were consuming. In the same period, SACs for service and complaints emerged, which gave the customer a voice, only surpassed by the magnanimous expansion of the internet.

There are few unanimities in the marketing field, as relevant as the fact that the investment in loyalty is more expensive and more complex than that of attracting. After all, well-produced and creative advertising can attract a new motorbike spares to purchase, but it is the quality of the product, the service and the price, in addition to the facilities it offers that will keep the customer coming back.

When the customer is loyal, it helps to balance and renew inventories more quickly, keeping the logistics in tune and updated by the most heated finances. If the customer realizes the commitment of the store and the employees to offer him the best, besides always looking for the place, he will still recommend it to his friends and everyone who needs motorbike spares. With recommendations circulating, the greater the number of new customers.

How to retain customers of motorcycle parts

Even with the market economically frozen for everyone, motorcycle parts stores have a very specific clientele and don't stop buying when necessary. The point is to buy at your store.

Like any customer, the motorcycle parts company does not only want to find differentiated accessories and accessible parts, but to be treated well by the salespeople. As the salesperson is the store's business card, the team needs to be qualified and be in a constant training process to be up to date on the business.

And of course, he needs to be friendly, informed and helpful, to offer the customer exactly what he needs and not push a product that will make him have an impulse and unhappy purchase. As a kind of consultant, the seller can sell much more than the desired initial pieces, but within the real need of the customer. And he gets the right information by observing what he's looking for, his habits, the model of the bike he owns and with an objective conversation to detect the important information.

Also take advantage of social networks to maintain a closer and more dynamic connection with the motorbike spares customer. In general, before going to a store, the customer does a search first on the internet, identifying where there is what they are looking for, prices, promotions and advantages. Thus, the website and social media pages must always be active, in continuous contact with the customer, presenting promotions and promoting the brand in a positive and informative way.

Promotions and discounts are great, but when done in an uncontrolled way they can be shot in the foot. Loyalty of motorcycle parts customers aims to make the store their first and only purchase option, being appropriate to offer them advantages through preference through creative and impactful campaigns.

It is necessary to show the customer what he finds only in his store and not in the competition, forming a bond of affection, commitment and quality that is difficult to break. More than prices and promotions, the motorbike spares customer values ​​the competence of the services offered, which go beyond the quality products offered.

Specialized and customized accessories services, installation of purchased parts, extended warranties, are some of the options that can make the store go beyond the auto parts trade and become essential to the customer.


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