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The car broke down on the road. We'll have to tow it to the service. But how? In a driving school, this topic is touched only in passing. Therefore, knowledge of the transportation of the car will be useful to everyone. We decided to share them.

First of all, you need to decide how exactly you will transport your car to the place of the proposed repair. There are several options: on a flexible hitch, with the help of partial or full loading.

Towing service on a rigid hitch is carried out using a special design. Unlike a conventional cable, it provides a constant distance between vehicles. This is a plus. Typically, this method is used for towing heavy equipment and trucks. And quite rarely - passenger cars. The usual towing eye of a modern car simply cannot withstand a rigid hitch - with regular jerks it can break off. And hardly anyone will carry with them in reserve a device for a rigid coupling of cars.

The most accessible from a technical point of view and at the same time the most difficult for drivers is, of course, towing with a flexible hitch (cable). Recently, the Government of the  Federation even adopted amendments to the Road Traffic Rules , according to which a novice car enthusiast with a driving experience of less than two years is no longer allowed to tow a car. For violation of this paragraph of the Rules, they may be brought under part 1 of Article 12.21 of the Administrative Code of the  Federation (violation of the rules for the carriage of goods and towing). Get a warning or a RUB 500 fine.

Do not forget that a car towed on a flexible hitch is a full-fledged participant in road traffic, and therefore its driver must have a standard set of documents with him: a driver's license, a registration certificate or PTS, an OSAGO policy. And, of course, the towed vehicle must have license plates. Otherwise, traffic police inspectors will have quite reasonable questions.


On the towing service vehicle, the dipped headlights must be on, regardless of the time of day. Actually, now all cars are required to move with the dipped headlights or daytime running lights on. But it is not out of place to recall this once again. More details about when and how to use lighting devices in accordance with traffic rules have been written by Sergey Smirnov.

The towed vehicle must have an alarm on. If it does not work, it is necessary to fasten the warning triangle at the back. The length of the flexible hitch should be between four and six meters. It's in your best interest. The fact is that the need for towing, as a rule, arises from the inability to start the engine, which means that you can also forget about the brake booster. If the cable is short, the driver of the towed vehicle can, out of habit, choose the wrong brake pedal effort and "catch up" with his tug. If the cable is too long, it will be difficult to drive through corners.

A vehicle towed on a flexible hitch must have a functional braking system and steering. Transportation speed - no more than 50 km / h. It should also be remembered that towing on  ice is prohibited.On the towed vehicle, the ignition must be turned on so that the mechanical steering lock does not work when cornering. Therefore, we recommend that you disconnect the low voltage wire from the ignition coil - this will save battery power. In addition to the alarm, the driver of a broken car may need a horn, and in the rain - and windshield wipers. All this requires energy, and it must be saved.

To avoid problems during transportation, both vehicles must have towing eyes. Choose a towing rope that is reliable, with carabiners, and ideally, stretchable. So it will be better amortized, because jerks are possible when towing. Under such conditions, a normal cable can break, damage the bumper, headlight or fly into the glass.

The rules for fastening the cable are not regulated. The main thing is that it is securely fixed. This is in the interest of both drivers. If the “tug” has no eyes at the rear, the cable is attached to the towbar. If it is not there, and the rear suspension is spring-loaded, the cable can be hooked onto the spring.

Then so-called warning devices must be attached to the cable. They are described in paragraph 9 of the main provisions of the Rules ("Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and the duties of officials to ensure road safety"). These are flags or shields measuring 200x200 mm with diagonally applied red and white stripes 50 mm wide. A minimum of two such flags must be installed on the cable. If they are not there, and a coupler of towing service two cars got into an accident - for example, the driver of a car driving in an adjacent lane began to rebuild and hit the tow rope - then the tug driver is found guilty. He violated clause 20.3 of the Rules.

For the absence of warning devices, a warning or a fine of 500 rubles is provided. The main question is where to get these same plates - ordinary red rags will not work, since they do not have a retroreflective effect. Many cable manufacturers simply do not make flag-plates; this product is also rare in auto parts stores, so you have to search on the Internet.


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