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When we travel for business, we need to feel good, after all the hotel will be your second home while traveling, this need not be a bad experience. Check out 7 tips on how to choose the perfect hotel accommodation with the best cost x benefit without error and without paying more for it! In this article you will learn how to identify, choose and adopt the best hotels for business trips.

1 - Care with the Location

Location is essential, but it will always be a trade-off , you will not always find a hotel close to your appointment that will make you sleep well, so open your search a little more, sometimes with R $ 10.00 more on Uber and 15 minutes in traffic, you can be better hotel accommodation;

The opposite is also true, there will always be a 5-star hotel on the other side of the city for the price of one of 3 in the region of your meetings, but be prepared to stay at least 1 hour in traffic, don't be tempted: stress and price displacement will not compensate;

If you are going to work all day and take a flight very early the next day, consider staying closer to the airport, greatly reducing the chance of being late and missing the plane, the day may rainy dawn and traffic will not help, since airports are usually farther from central regions.

2 - Observe the Facilities

Photos, usually taken by professional photographers, are always favored by angles and don't show surprises, pictures of a wonderful pool or lobby, but be wary if there are no photos of the rooms , after all this is where you will spend most of your time, if in doubt, TripAdvisor is an excellent tool for viewing comments and especially the photos sent by guests, these are the best, as they portray the naked reality. The idea here is to show how observed details will help to have a better night and the next successful day.

Observe if the air conditioning units are those with windows, they are usually old, noisy and indicate a lot the pattern of the furniture; Just as if in the room there is a tube television (believe me, this antiquity can still be found in many hotels out there ..)

If you still don't know the hotel and the degree of care, escape the carpeted rooms, it is very difficult to keep them clean, free of mold and away from dust mites. Newer hotels are adopting materials that are easier to maintain and clean, such as vinyl flooring, wood laminates or porcelain tiles;

Sockets? Yes! We need them, try to see in the photos if there are sockets next to the bed, or a lamp that we turn off at the limit so that we can plug in the sockets, cell phones, clock, laptop, power bank. The corporate traveler sleeps online and uses his smartphone as an alarm clock and agenda for his appointments the next day. So your cell phone has to be on the side, it is very annoying to wake up in the morning and have to get out of bed to get the cell phone from 2 meters away, many hotels that have a business audience as a majority have not thought about it yet.

Be aware of the bathrooms, if the tiles or tiles are very old, there is a good chance you will not like them. As much as it is very clean and sanitized they are old and do not bring a good feeling. Bathtub? Make no mistake, it means that you are in an old hotel accommodation, if you have that curtain still, you know, your bathroom will be all wet.

3- What to do if you are allergic?

Opt for newer hotels and rooms. When you get to the hotel room , lift the sheet and the mattress cover to see if there are no mites and mold, sometimes there is a beautiful sheet on top of an old yellow mattress. In this case, it is difficult to see this in the photos (perhaps of the guests), call the hotel reception and ask to change rooms immediately.

4- Silence is fundamental

As we usually stay closer to the appointments and usually in the busiest regions of the city, noises from cars, buses, horns, ambulances; so, see if the hotel has noise windows or if they are normal aluminum frames (like the ones we have at home), when in doubt call and ask. Prefer hotels with more floors, as much as it has a noise window, the higher the guest settles, the less noise you will hear.

You will probably have to choose between a good view from your window when choosing a room facing the back, or side. Put it on the scale, if silence is your priority for a good night's sleep, choose a room that does not face the main street , ask the receptionist what is the best option prioritizing silence. Do not arrive so late for check-in, the best rooms will be delivered to those who ask first.

5- Pay attention to the types of accommodation

Apart-hotels : They are larger hotel accommodation, come with a sofa, microwave, sometimes even a stove, they are more suitable for long stay (long stays), they are usually older buildings, as the new ones are oriented to have a better use of the space for fit more rooms in the same area.

Hotel Rooms : There is usually no standard rule for defining categories, each hotel can adopt its own terminology, the most common of which are: (from smallest to largest): Standard, Superior, Luxury, Premium, Junior, Suite.

Rooms called Twin, have two single beds and Double Double, is a bed for two people. Pay attention to the choice of bed, it can make all the difference depending on your height and weight.

6 - Choose the Ideal Meal Type

The ideal is to choose the feeding regime according to the need. Without Breakfast: Very common nowadays, it is ideal for the days when you will leave very early and not have breakfast at the hotel, the daily rates are usually lower in these cases.

Breakfast: Buffet breakfast, the most common in Australia, with breads, cold cuts, coffee, milk, juices, fruits, etc.

Continental Breakfast: A very simple coffee (coffee, milk, bread and butter). It is very common for some hotels to only release the Continental at dawn from 4:30 am to 6:30 am so that guests do not leave on an empty stomach.

7 - Adopt your favorite hotels

You do not need to do all this analysis work every time you travel, make a list of two, three hotel accommodation per region that meets your expectations and stay in them , it will help you feel better at your destination, when making this choice do not get stuck in chain hotels, it is clear that the big ones have a quality standard, checklists and are generally very similar to each other of the same flag, but they are also the most targeted and most comfortable when deciding to stay for work, look at other names , independent hotels, are more susceptible to discounting rates and following the tips in this article, you certainly won't go wrong!


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