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What is Transport training?

Periodic training is a compulsory course for all drivers who want to renew their entitlement to professional road transport of passengers or goods or who have a category C and / or D driving license issued before a certain date, who want to start their professional adventure behind the wheel. Periodic training is cyclical and should be repeated regularly every 5 years.

Each Transport training ends with the issuing of a professional qualification certificate. It is worth noting - after the end of the training, there is no state examination. However, medical and psychological examinations should be performed. With the ruling that there are no contraindications to practice as a driver and a certificate of professional qualification, the trainee must report to the appropriate communication department, where the driving license is replaced and the code 95 confirming the entitlement is entered in the twelfth column of the driving license.

Who is Transport training for?

Periodic training is intended for professional drivers who obtained a category C or C1 driving license before September 10, 2009 or a category D or D1 driving license before September 10, 2008. Periodic training also applies to drivers who have already obtained a professional qualification certificate, and now want to extend its validity for another 5 years.

The scope of the training

The time allocated for the Transport training is 35 hours of theoretical lessons, including 21 hours of the basic part and 14 hours of the specialist part, the topics of which can be listed depending on the driver's responsibilities. In our center, periodic training begins every Friday and lasts for 5 days until Tuesday.

Training program and form of classes

The training takes the form of lectures consisting of 5 modules. Three of them are obligatory for all students, regardless of the scope of their professional duties, and their content includes:

1. Advanced training in rational driving, taking into account safety regulations:

learning about the technical characteristics and operation of safety devices in order to ensure control of the vehicle, minimize wear and prevent breakdowns,learning about the characteristics of the drive train in order to use it optimally,the ability to optimize fuel consumption and driving in special conditions,the ability to load the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of health and safety regulations and the rules of the proper user of the vehicle.

2. Application of road transport regulations: getting to know the social conditions of road transport and the rules and regulations governing the transport of goods.

3. Service, logistics and transport safety in terms of road traffic, health and environmental protection:

ability to: prevent crime and smuggling of illegal immigrants, prevent physical threats, assess emergency situations, behave in critical situations and behave in a way that improves the image of the carrier,

  • making drivers aware of the risk of accidents on the road and at work,
  • learning about the economic conditions regarding road transport and market organization,
  • awareness of the importance of physical and mental predispositions.

The other two modules cover interchangeable topics related to the scope of duties of the driver undergoing Transport training. They may concern, for example, first aid, cargo securing, national or international transport rules, transport of abnormal loads, road safety, ergonomics for drivers, etc.

Obligation to perform medical and psychological examinations

Drivers engaged in road transport are required to perform medical and psychological examinations in order to determine the absence of health and psychological contraindications to work as a driver.

In the case of Transport training, the tests should be carried out on the date appropriate to the completion of the training, but not later than the date of issuing the certificate of professional qualification. In our center, we perform medical and psychological examinations every Wednesday.

These tests are valid for 5 years. However, in the case of drivers who are 60 years old, the tests are issued for a period of 30 months. Of course, this does not affect the validity of the professional qualification certificate - it is always valid for a period of 5 years.

Who pays the fee for medical and psychological examinations?

Medical and psychological examinations are carried out at the request of the person concerned or on the basis of a valid referral from the employer. According to Art. 39 l of paragraph 1. 1 point 2 of the Act on Road Transport training, one of the obligations of entrepreneurs and entities performing road transport is to cover the costs of medical and psychological examinations of drivers. The prices of such tests are statutorily set at PLN 200 for medical examinations and PLN 150 for psychological examinations, respectively.


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