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Our installers have traveled to a municipality near  to start the installation of an isolated connection solar kit with a Must Solar inverter and Ultracell stationary batteries . It should be remembered that the isolated connection kits always have among their components an inverter and batteries to be able to store energy and in case of cloudy days or high consumption to make use of that solar energy. Do not forget that it is essential to carry out a good dimensioning of the installation so that problems are not generated .

As we have anticipated before, this system has a Must Solar inverter , ERA solar panels and Ultracell batteries . The details of the elements that make up this isolated connection solar kit are explained below.

In the first place, the installation has a total of 12 24V solar panels from the manufacturer ERA Solar arranged in 6 pairs and connected in parallel. As these are panels that work at 340W, the photovoltaic system, thanks to the orientation and inclination with which it has been installed, offers the home an average of 20,400Wh / day on average per year , taking into account that during the power season summer production will be higher due to more solar energy hours and less in winter.

The solar panels have been installed on the roof of the house thanks to a metallic covered structure that guarantees maximum photovoltaic exposure of the solar panels , especially in winter when the solar hours are shorter. The metal structure allows the panels to be fully secured even in the event of rain or wind.

The batteries that have been used for this installation are Ultracell UZS600-6V stationary batteries which offer superb performance with excellent discharge characteristics. Specifically , a bank of 8 6V batteries has been installed so they work at the same voltage as the 48V inverter ; since the connection of the batteries has to be done in series, because if it had been done in parallel the batteries would lose their warranty . The batteries are included in the solar kit isolated connectionso that the home has energy autonomy at night and for when consumption is higher than the production of solar energy .

It should be noted that this stationary battery requires proper maintenance periodically, that is, a review of the internal electrolyte and refilling with distilled water . It is also important not to fully deplete the battery capacity as it could affect its life. The batteries were installed in a place protected from high temperatures and humidity, and easily accessible. Right next to the batteries , the Must solar energy inverter has been installed , specifically the 5000W 48V model, thus reducing the necessary wiring.

The simple monitoring of this Must Solar inverter charger is one of the characteristics that define the device, since in addition to having competitive technical characteristics and adjusted price, it allows monitoring the real-time performance of production and consumption so that in the case If there is any problem in the system, its diagnosis is easier. The platform for monitoring this Must solar energy inverter charger also records the history of the operation of the device, so that old data can be consulted to contrast with current ones.

Below is an example of monitoring this Must Solar inverter , where you can see the production by hours of that day until 11 in the morning, at which time this sample was taken, as well as its historical and monthly production.

The solar kit includes all the elements necessary for the start-up and correct operation of the solar kit , including the structure of solar energy  panels , fuses , wiring , circuit breaker , gutter , etc.

It is recommended that the installation of any solar kit be carried out by a professional with previous experience in this regard, since solar kits consist of devices that require special handling and knowledge for the optimal configuration of the system. In solar energy we have made many installations of the various features, you can check some of our installations here .

If you are thinking of buying a solar kit isolated from the electrical network or a solar kit for connection to the network, as in this case, contact us and depending on the needs of your home and usual consumption, we will make a customized budget for you. You can also get information without obligation on the installation service from our team of installers. Contact us without obligation


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