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7 reasons to collect coins

For many, collecting coins can seem like a boring and useless hobby. The kind of thing that may reminds you of your grandfather, who got an attic or a storage full of assorted hobby items that you can’t access. I can't really blame you if you look at that opinion towards coins or collectors, but I respectfully disagree. In fact, I used to think that way, but over a period of about two years, I found many reasons to come to love and respect this dying labor of love. There is nothing wrong with collecting coins and pursuing your hobbies normally, as long as you're passionate and have a hobby that's within your budget.

art coin collection

Earn money

Believe it or not, collecting coins will be fruitful. Not only do many coins gain value, but if you choose that collecting isn't for you after trying it, you may likely get your entire investment back - a rare thing when it comes to most investments. The prices of some currencies will fluctuate with the prices of metals. Fortunately, metal prices tend to rise often.

Rarity / beauty

You may also be looking for the coin that is very hard to find in the market. These will cost more, but the rarity of the coins is usually one of their best selling points. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a hidden treasure, the rarity of certain coins could be enough to bring you to life. In addition to the rarity attribute, beauty and style are two highly wanted attributes in coin collection. Some collectors classify beauty as luster and flawless, while others seek coins for his or her design or artwork. For example, Argyle Art Coins an authentic and inspired by Sharon Davson’s art.


Some coin collectors simply will appreciate the challenge of finding the perfect coin. With an infinite budget, almost any currency is often purchased. It is finding that coin in a robbery that is the real challenge for collectors. In addition to the challenges of finding the best coin, many coin collectors are like modern-day treasure hunters. Imagine walking down the beach with your metal detector in hand, and stumbling across a horde of coins worth thousands or more. It is a very long shot, but it is worth dreaming about.

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You probably wouldn't even know it until you're fully immersed in collecting, but tons can be learned from coin collection. Studying coins and their origins can cause interesting discoveries and facts about history, politics, society, and culture. Take, for example, the recent issuance of state quarters and presidential dollar coin programs. There is plenty to find out from these two recent coin series. Like Argyle Art Coins - Unearthed.

Metal content

As gold and silver are of accelerating value thanks to limited global supply, many collectors look to coins to feature to their collection with only this consideration in mind. To the surprise of the various, there are valuable coins that probably undergo your fingers quite regularly. Did you know that many foreign coins minted before 1965 had silver content about 90%? Not many people realize it, and even fewer are wise enough to hold onto these coins when they get the chance. As I write this, the value of silver in quarters prior to 1965 is almost $ 4.00! Plus, the heavier coins are worth even more, so keep an eye out for these so you can start your collection.

Pass the kids

If you really want to face reality, paper and penny money may not exist when your children reach adulthood. With this in mind, many parents are happy to get new coins directly from the bank or the mint within the hopes of a rise in value that their children and future generations can benefit from. Do not think for a bit that these coins will not increase in value in the future. Although we don't use as many precious metals to produce coins as we used to, the condition of the coins is also a big factor contributing to their value. It may not make them millionaires, but it could be a worthwhile investment for your children for a relatively small initial investment.

art coin collector


My dad is a stamp collector. When I'm at my younger age, I did not understand this at all. Not one iota Now that I'm older, I can appreciate "quiet time" more and understand it. There is something so serene about rummaging through your collection, taking inventory, or searching for a specific piece. Hobbies are very important both for relieving stress and for getting away from it all and into your little world, even if only temporarily.

Coin collectors have been around since before the Roman Empire, and they don't seem to be dying anytime soon. Whether you think it's outright boredom, or a potential endeavor to undertake, you can't deny that these reasons are alluring. You may have a completely different reason for starting a collection. Whatever the case, give it a try. Not that you have much to lose.

Have you ever collected coins or the other item? Do you do it for the money or for the joy of doing it? Share your experience in the comment section below.


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