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Occupational Health And Safety - Flexible Safety Barriers For Warehouses

In warehouses and storage areas, subject to the continuous passage of vehicles, machines and people, the risk of impacts is very high. Seton offers you a complete range for the protection of shelves, pedestrian fences, barriers and guard posts to avoid accidents and damage to structures and warehouse facilities.

Flexible safety barriers for warehouses

At Verge Safety Barriers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation for security solutions. Our flexible guardrails are just one of the great product ranges we have to offer you. Unlike many competing companies, we can provide comprehensive solutions that cover the different phases of the project, from the layout of the area to the installation of the system and ongoing maintenance.

Our products are used in a number of industries worldwide. Warehouses are just one example of how Verge Safety Barriers products are improving safety in these industrial environments.

Our work for health and safety with H&M

We have collaborated with H&M to improve security at its southern Australian distribution center. With more than six million garments processed a week, the activity is incessant. H&M already benefits from our security solutions.                

In the center, there are many load-bearing beams on which the mezzanine floor and the warehouse ceilings are supported. A small impact from a forklift could cause structures to collapse, damage goods and injury to operators who would be trapped under all the damage. Our safety barriers and column protectors minimize risk.

Our TB Plus barrier is used to protect employees at their jobs. It combines a handrail and a safety barrier in a perfect solution. It has also been used to protect order picking stations from traffic and to define safe areas for the storage of pallets.

We have also provided BO Impact guard posts with bollards to reinforce corner protection, and TB 400 safety barriers to protect conveyors from vehicle impacts. By combining our products, H&M already has a customized solution to protect your employees and your business operations.

Safety barriers improve warehouse safety

Every business is different. We are aware that each warehouse has its own risks depending on factors such as speed and intensity of traffic, that is why we work with each client to offer them the level of protection they need and propose an extensive selection of solutions in addition to our experience. Our passion for what we do is evident in the ongoing development of the flexible guardrails and safety equipment we offer you.

Our systems are available for purchase or lease, and we offer planning, installation and maintenance services as you need them. Our priority is to ensure the safety of your employees and the integrity of vehicles, buildings and infrastructure so that you can go about your business with complete peace of mind. Why not leave your warehouse security solutions in our hands? If you would like more information about our Flex Impact® range of plastic safety barriers or to learn more about some of our products, please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.


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