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Transcend much more than a simple relaxation technique

Meditation is becoming more and more popular for managing stress, but the true experience of transcendence has far deeper effects than just relaxation. Knowledge of a simple and natural technique to effortlessly Transcend Health was sadly forgotten until recently. 

The texts of the oldest tradition of knowledge describe transcendence as the supreme human experience, an experience essential to our full development. Today this experience has been scientifically confirmed by measuring what happens in the body and the brain during the practice of Transcendental Meditation:

1. A state of  deep rest , much deeper than that of ordinary relaxation and even deeper than rest from sleep;

2. Feeling of peace and joy , markedly reduced production of stress hormones and increased production of happiness hormones;

3. Holistic brain development , measurable on EEGs by the coherence of brain waves.

All of these effects are behind the effectiveness of TM practice in all areas of life.

Transcending = a state of deep rest

When the physiotherapy newcastle the finer impulse of thought, it enters a state of complete inner silence. It happens in a completely natural and effortless way. One cannot “try” to silence the mind and one does not have to try to do so. With correct technique, the mind achieves this spontaneously. When the mind transcends, the body reaches a state of deep relaxation, much deeper than that produced by sleep. All of this can be objectively verified.

This graph, taken from research conducted by Harvard Medical University measuring oxygen consumption, shows that during TM the body reaches a state of rest that is twice as deep as it does during deepest sleep. More than 30 studies around the world have confirmed the deep rest obtained when practicing TM. Ref.

This deep rest activates the body's natural ability to self-repair.

Relaxation loosens tensions. It is in a completely natural way that the body eliminates all the tensions that it accumulates, and that is what we do during sleep. However, rest from sleep is not deep enough to eliminate deeply rooted traumatic stresses that only transcendence can eliminate.

cnn storyThe effects are most noticeable in those who need it most. A recent study of Iraq War veterans showed a 50% decrease in symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after just 8 weeks of TM practice. The results were so impressive that CNN reported it on Veterans Day in the United States (see CNN video ). Ref.

Here we have further confirmation of previous research conducted 25 years ago with Vietnam War veterans!

These people face much more serious problems than ours. If TM can help them when no other therapy has given valid results, it can be concluded that TM can help all of us.

Here is a video that shows by several examples how powerful TM can be in people suffering from traumatic stress. This is one of the reasons why more and more scientists, teachers, celebrities and government institutions are supporting Transcendental Meditation.                    


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