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How to install domestic hot water (DHW)?

 Currently, there are different types of systems to have domestic hot water in the home. It is essential to find the system that best adapts to the conditions of each consumer as these will influence both the type of installation and the subsequent cost of energy.

What is hot water used for in the home?

The domestic Hot water systems (DHW) is water for drinking, ie drinking water, we heat the             house for medical purposes (personal hygiene such as bathing or showering) and other uses of the daily life (washing dishes, floors, cooking, using the washing machine).

In order to make the best decision in this regard, we are going to differentiate the different existing systems and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the different ACS systems?

When choosing the system that we will use for domestic hot water, there are different options, more or less respectful with the environment and economical.

There are mainly three fundamental types of DHW systems:    

Instant systems: They heat the water at the same time it is demanded.

Accumulator systems: They heat the water by means of an external boiler to have enough quantity at any time for the uses foreseen in the installation.

Mixed systems: They combine the two previous systems: they accumulate a certain amount of hot water in a smaller capacity tank, but they also have a certain instantaneous production.

Hot water with natural gas boiler

The natural Gas Hot Water system will produce hot water instantly and unlimitedly .

This type of mixed gas boiler , on the one hand, heats the water for the radiator circuit, and on the other, the water for showering, scrubbing ...

For these gas boilers a double installation is necessary: ​​two pipes for the heating system and another two pipes for the hot water system.

Hot water with diesel    

Oil boilers can be used both as a heating system as well as to heat water. This type of boiler generally uses C diesel , which is the most used for domestic consumption.

This type of boiler has a tank in which diesel oil for domestic hot water is stored. The amount accumulated will depend on the size of the boiler and the needs of the consumer.

Hot water by electric heater

The electric or electric water heater for Gas Hot Water is a water tank, normally between 50 and 100 liters , with a resistance that heats the water inside. The operation of the electric heater is very simple: a resistance heats the water to the appropriate temperature and, later, thanks to the material of the thermos, the water remains hot.

The installation of an electric heater is very simple and due to its operation, this system allows the water to be heated immediately and at a constant temperature. On the other hand, once the accumulated hot water has been used, to have more supply it is necessary to wait for the resistance to heat more water again.

What is the approximate budget to install domestic hot water?

The budget to install domestic hot water in a home depends on the system that we are going to use. The cost of the installation will vary depending on whether the energy is electricity, natural gas, butane or propane.

Thus, the simplest installation will be the electric heater , as it consists of connecting a water heater to the electric current. The natural gas installation will be the one that requires a greater initial investment, which will be amortized in a short time since it will allow significant savings in the energy bill.

What are the different elements that consume domestic hot water?

When choosing the system to supply the home with domestic hot water , we have to take into account the different elements that will consume hot water.

The main use that is given to the ACS is for personal hygiene issues , thus, daily cleaning is the action that more hot water will need in our day to day. Using the shower, bath, bidet, or sink consumes large amounts of hot water.

The other main element in which sanitary hot water is used is for cleaning . On many occasions hot water is used to clean kitchen utensils, as well as to scrub floors.

Although to a lesser extent than in the previous elements, it must be taken into account that this supply is also used when cooking.


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