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Silver rings are always in fashion. But many of those who wear a silver ring may notice that it may have darkened and become dull. How to clean a silver ring correctly so as not to damage the item and quickly restore its original shine? The editorial staff of shares relevant and safe methods.


The silver piece darkens, but this is a natural process. The jewelry is in contact with the body, where chemical processes constantly take place, including the synthesis of subcutaneous fat and the secretion of sweat. The metal, or rather the components in the alloy, simply react to their chemical composition, so a dark film may appear on the product.

If there is a lot of nitrogen in the human body, the jewelry retains its shine and radiance for a long time, if there is more sulfur, it darkens quickly. For the manufacture of jewelry, not pure silver is used, but its alloy with copper, which reacts.

Silver products do not like moisture; with frequent contact with water, they quickly become covered with a black coating. Therefore, when bathing in the shower, taking a bath, or simply washing your hands, remove the ring. Wedding rings also darken from exposure to cosmetics - apply your favorite cream when there are no jewelry on your fingers.


Cleaning silver jewelry at home is a process that requires care. The presence of gilding, enamel, blackening and rhodium plating directly affects the method of cleaning - they may not withstand the use of too aggressive abrasives and alkaline solutions. Therefore, all experiments with vinegar or other liquids and mixtures will cost the jewel's life.


Soda is the simplest and most common tool for cleaning silver items without stones and an abundance of decor. Add a little water to a small amount of baking soda: to make a thick slurry. Then apply the mixture to the jewelry with a soft toothbrush or sponge, and then rinse with cold clean water. A ring, earring, chain and even a silver pendant after this procedure restore its original shine. But observe the condition: do not rub the product too vigorously to avoid the appearance of small scratches on the surface.

We like to clean Wedding rings with soda . But it is worth remembering: abrasive particles can irreparably damage the metal and cause scratches, so cleaning must be done carefully. Rhodium plating, enamel, gilding and blackening may not at all withstand even the mildest home cleaning methods, so it is better not to risk it and entrust the cleaning to a jeweler.


Foil - cleaning silver rings is another popular homemade method of restoring shine. You will need a deep bowl or bowl, foil and salt. Pour water into the selected container - 1 cup is enough, put aluminum foil into it - 5 or 7 small balls, add 1 tbsp. l. common table salt, stir the solution well to completely dissolve the salt. Place the jewelry in the solution and let sit for 10 minutes. If the dirt is not very strong, this time will be enough to remove plaque and return the shine to the rings. You can do the same by replacing the salt with baking soda.

Combining foil and soda is another way to clean Wedding rings. On the Internet, it is recommended to boil such a solution. But we are against such manipulations: it is much safer to take the jewelry to a jeweler or use professional cleaning products. After all, blackness may not disappear, but there is a great risk of damaging the enamel, gilding or blackening. Silver can be cleaned not only with soda, foil or salt. It is believed that the mildest and safest way to clean silver jewelry is by peeling with raw potatoes. Try it if you have a lot of courage and time.

How to clean a silver ring with toothpaste? The method is most often chosen for cleaning chains, but toothpaste with large particles also belongs to abrasives, so you should be careful with such methods.


When the dirt on silver jewelry is too dense, a recipe based on ammonia helps to remove plaque and blackness. Pour a glass of water into a small container, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide - you can stop at three, and 1 tsp. ammonia. Place the products in the mixture for 10-20 minutes. Then remove the rings and wipe with a flannel cloth or any other soft cloth.

A thick soap and soda solution can be used to cleanse heavily blackened jewelry. This procedure will take 20 to 30 minutes. It is not recommended to keep it longer, so as not to damage the unique top layer of the products, and use a mild, alkali-free product as a soap base.Jewelry way to clean silver with professional solutions

Each of the homemade methods for cleaning silver rings has its own nuances. You can resort to the good old classics, but now you can easily abandon the usual methods of cleansing in favor of special jewelry cosmetics. These blends already contain the required concentration of active ingredients to safely remove plaque, blackness and dirt. Always wear gloves when applying cosmetics to jewelry.


The hardest thing to clean at home is a Wedding rings with a stone or engraving. If you decide on a home procedure, you should be aware that there is a risk of damaging the gem. Therefore, find out about the peculiarities of cleaning different inserts before putting the jewelry in order. Do not use needles or other sharp objects: this can scratch stone or metal. For the procedure, choose the softest detergents, brushes, but it is best to entrust the cleaning of such jewelry to a professional - the cost of the service is justified by its quality and safety.


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