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When moving from one house to another, it is very important to find reliable movers to whom you can entrust your valuables. Whether moving around town or moving across the country, you just need to know that the professionals you hire will take good care of your household items and get them from your current home to a new location.As you prepare to leave, the main question that might make you toss and turn at night is: Have you chosen the right furniture movers?

After all, moving is considered one of the most stressful experiences a person can have in their life. And in most cases, choosing the right movers for you will ensure the success of your move.How do you know you've hired the right movers? The following 6 signs will help you figure out if you are hiring the right transport company for you and your family.

Sign 1: Your movers are properly formalized and work officially.

Choosing the right carriers always means that these companies must be properly registered with government agencies. Their legal status is of utmost importance - you definitely don't want to deal with dishonest scammers who have no paperwork or responsibility.

All companies must have a TIN code - a sequence of 10 Arabic numbers, of which the first two represent the code of the subject of the , the next two - the number of the local tax office, the next five - the tax record number of the taxpayer in the territorial section of the USRN and the last one - the check digit.It is also mandatory to have an OGRN number - this is the main state registration number that a legal entity receives when registering with the tax authorities.

Any of these numbers allows you to check:

whether the company to which it is assigned is active;

what is her legal address;

Full name of the head;

Is the company a one-day business;

Is the manager included in the black list of the Federal Tax Service.

Specify one of these company codes, enter it on the website of the tax authorities or even in a search engine and compare the results obtained with what the movers indicate about themselves.

Sign 2: your movers have a good reputation.

You can be sure you are choosing the right furniture movers when they have an excellent reputation with their former clients. The better a transport company works, the better its reputation will be, and therefore more and more people will recommend the services of these movers to friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers.

You should check the online reputation of those you have chosen - just write the name of the company and + reviews in the search, and read what people write who have already used the services of these movers.

Selecting the highest rated movers will give you the confidence that your valuables are in safe hands. Also Read: How to Recognize Fake Moving Reviews

Sign 3: Movers have sufficient experience with your type of move.

Some companies are better at some specific activity than others, and your task is to find the best carrier for you, that is, for your specific type of move. When researching movers, be sure to ask the professionals if they have significant experience with your particular type of movement. After all, an apartment move is very different from an office move, so you need to know that furniture movers have enough experience to handle it all.

Plus, if you are taking your precious piano with you, or your precious grandfather grandfather clock, you should know that your movers have moved such things many times before. Successful, of course.

Sign 4: Movers offer all the moving services you need.

Hiring the right movers means they must be able to offer the types of services you need to complete your move.

For example, if you need to properly disassemble some of your large and heavy pieces of furniture for faster and safer transportation, then your carrier should offer you a furniture disassembly service on the day you move, and then reassemble the furniture at a new location.

When it comes to additional services, you should be given the choice of packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling furniture movers, temporary storage, lifting and transporting particularly heavy items.

Sign 5: the carrier will not mind difficult questions.

An important sign that your movers are professional is how they behave when you start asking them tough questions. Starting with the first contact by phone and then during the move, you are free to ask them any questions that concern you.

Do you work officially?

How long has your shipping company been in business?

Do they have experienced movers and the necessary equipment to get the job done?

Feel free to ask the movers what you want to know. If you are not satisfied with their responses, find another company that demonstrates the type of professionalism you are looking for.

Sign 6: The cost of movers is sufficient for you.

The last sign that you have chosen the right mover services will be the price they will offer you. Now, before you even start looking for other professional movers to help you with your move, you will have a preliminary budget. As a result, you will be looking for an offer that fits your budget by comparing the estimates for the furniture movers.

Remember, high quality relocation services come at a cost, which means you cannot expect the top-rated companies to be the cheapest. Be proactive and reduce this cost by carefully inspecting your belongings and choosing to transport only what you plan to use in the future. Also, consider preparing things for the move yourself so you don't have to pay movers for this additional service.


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