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Importance Of Patient Satisfaction Survey For Physiotherapist Clinics And Professionals

Do you usually carry out satisfaction surveys with your patients after attending your Physiotherapist clinic, office or studio Conducting this type of research is a great opportunity to identify strengths and, especially, what needs to be improved in the office . But unfortunately, most professionals and clinics end up not conducting satisfaction surveys frequently.

For clients and patients, in addition to the service where the service itself takes place, the perception of quality and satisfaction is formed from all the interactions that occur with your clinic or office. Often you may be leaving out details that compromise customer satisfaction, such as answering the phone or reception, cleaning and organizing the environment, punctual service, few options or forms of payment, among others. And from a simple survey with customers, it is possible to identify those points that need to be improved.
Importance of satisfaction survey with patients

When we talk about satisfaction surveys for doctor's offices and health professionals, at first a comparison with a retail store or companies that sell physical products, for example, may occur. However, this thought must be left aside, after all, a clinic is a business that has clients and patients who consume the services on a recurring basis, which in turn, seek quality, satisfaction and good results.

In addition, businesses that provide health services, in the areas of Physiotherapist, aesthetics and beauty, are gaining more and more importance in the market and becoming continuous services. That is, that customers consume on a recurring and permanent basis, such as pilates studios and aesthetic procedures. In this sense, knowing the level of customer satisfaction becomes even more important, since, if the customer is not satisfied, he can look for another company to serve him.

Therefore, when conducting the satisfaction survey, you can identify the points that need to be improved, whether in the service, in the structure or even the service provided by the professional Physiotherapist or from other areas of health.Based on the data collected and information generated in the survey, you can identify the level of satisfaction of your customers and what you need best in the business. So that, then, you can define the improvement actions to be implemented, or even, a whole strategic planning in order to offer a better experience to your customers.
Unlike what you can imagine, conducting a satisfaction survey is extremely simple , can be done quickly, and does not require a large investment.For example, you can leave a printed form with simple questions at the reception or deliver to customers after the calls, asking for the evaluation on different points during the call and suggestions for improvement.

The research questions can address different areas of the business or focus on specific points, it depends only on your objective as a business manager.In general, the survey questions can be structured in an objective way or openly asking the opinion of customers, for example:Ask the patient to evaluate the service on a scale, which can be numeric from 0 to 10 or by level of satisfaction, ranging from very bad to excellent;

Ask him to describe what could have been done differently in order to improve his experience at your Physiotherapist clinic.It is very important to keep in mind that the evaluation usually takes into account the experience as a whole , from the first contact to schedule an appointment until the moment the patient leaves your establishment.

To qualify the survey and obtain more precise information by stages or sectors within the business, you can ask the patient's opinion with their level of satisfaction for each stage that occurred during the provision of the service, such as in attendance, punctuality, cleanliness and organization of the environment, cordiality of the professional, quality of service, pricing and forms of payment, results obtained, among others.

Believe me, your patient will judge absolutely everything, from the visual identity created for your clinic's brand, the service at the reception (which is one of the most important impressions), to the cleanliness and organization of the environment.

Often the most detailed answers are the most valuable, as it is possible to assess exactly where the flaws are. So, if the problem is common among many patients, steps must be taken to improve the experience offered by the care and the clinic environment .


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