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For many families, finding people to care for the elderly on the weekend is a necessary solution. Either because every day they have another caregiver for the elderly who frees the weekend, or because the working days are supported by a day center. There are many people willing to take care of elderly weekend. And although in principle it is a job similar to doing it at another time of the week, there may be some issues to take into account.

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Caring for the elderly weekend and what to consider


This is an important point for those who take care of the elderly at the weekend. And it is that there must always be a coherence between the care that the elder receives. Regardless of who gets them. Some seniors because of their state need limits to help take care of their health and safety. These can be established by the family. Or by the doctors. For example, about the consumption of tobacco or alcohol. Or candy or candy.

Caring for the elderly on the weekend should not lead to greater permissiveness on these important issues. Nor, on the contrary, exempt the elderly from certain attentions because it is a specific day of the week. Therefore, consistency in care and care for the elderly is very important.


The aforementioned coherence requires coordination. But this is also necessary for other questions. For example, when it comes to seeking special grooming care that is not given on a daily basis. It is the case of washing the hair, which is not necessary to do every day. Or as for meals. Whoever is in charge of taking care of the elderly at the weekend is recommended to know what they have eaten in the previous days. Or what meal plan you have marked for the entire month. This will ensure a varied and complete diet.

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But also what happens on the weekend is interesting that it is known by its daily caretaker.

For this reason, it is important that the family and caregiver or the different people who care for the elderly coordinate. Keeping a care diary is a great help in this regard. Also have food, care and medication planners. And with tables for disease control, if it is necessary for the elderly to measure their blood pressure, glucose or body temperature on a daily basis.


This is a point that is not always taken into account. And yet, it is very important when it comes to caring for the elderly weekend with good quality of care. For some elderly, routine is key to their well-being. They feel safe with it. They know what to expect at every moment of the day. And that monotony is essential for your mental and emotional balance.

In these cases, caring for the elderly on the weekend involves continuing with that established routine. Although sometimes the very fact of being a weekend makes it difficult. As far as possible, stick to it.

But not all people are the same. For others, routine leads to boredom. And this to sadness and depression. In these cases, living the same every day is something that they perceive as very negative. They need stimuli, incentives.

In the latter case, among the tasks of taking care of the elderly at the weekend, activities that help them feel better can be included. For example, going for a walk in different areas. Play fun games for seniors at home. Or do gymnastics for the elderly in a playful way.

It is important to identify which of the two lifestyles you prefer the older. And procure them.

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What to consider when looking for someone to care for the elderly weekend


That is, things as basic as if they need an intern to take care of the elderly on the weekend or help by the hour. And at what times. If they require that they also have nursing knowledge only for the care and care of the elderly. Or if they will need you to be able to perform cleaning or food preparation tasks, in addition to care tasks.

If you don't know what you need, it is difficult for you to find it.


There are methods that help coordinate caregivers. And to ensure a good quality of care for the elderly. A planning and control sheet for tasks, food and medication is a great help. For those who take care of the elderly, but above all for him.


This is an important issue, especially if you cannot have alternatives. You must be clear that whoever is in charge of taking care of the elderly at the weekend will go to work. Or it will notify in time if a problem arises that prevents it. But what happens when it is force majeure and it is known only a day or two before?

home care for elderly

In this sense, having a company like Connect Ability is a peace of mind and a solution. If the person who must take care of the elderly at the weekend cannot attend, he will send another one promptly.

Do you need a person to take care of the elderly for the weekend in Australia? Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the solution you need with the most demanding quality of care.


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