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How to choose a coloured diamond as an investment?

Why should I buy colored diamonds for my portfolio?

  • How are the prices in the auctions?
  • Where do pink diamonds come from?
  • What is growing the diamond market?

Pink diamonds are the rarest in the world and therefore also the most expensive. Experts expect the value of colored diamonds to continue to rise for years to come, so it's definitely a smart investment. How can I make such an investment on a smaller scale? How do they respond to the market?

How are the prices in the auctions?

The 'Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender' collection has been selling at auctions for astronomical amounts every year. The diamonds are named after the location in which they were found and cost a great deal of money as a result of their strange pink and red fancy color . The growing demand for these colored diamonds has added to their value as well, as the growth in stocks is negligible.

Pink and red diamonds are not the only ones that become rarer as a result of decreasing mine numbers. Blue diamond is also incredibly rare and has seen a huge boost in recent years as a result of its unusual natural tint. Two record-breaking diamonds were pink and blue in 2017 .

Where do pink diamonds come from?

Argyle's pink diamonds come from the eponymous mine in Australia. This is the only known place on earth where you can find pink and red diamonds. Therefore, the demand for diamonds from Rio Tinte's Argyle mine has been growing for years, leading to sensational selling prices, which continue to rise. They are much more valuable than colorless diamonds, but also much more difficult to sell. Buying colored diamonds is therefore not a smart choice for everyone.

Even other less rare colored diamonds will continue to increase in value. However, choosing the correct color and the correct grading is important when purchasing colored diamonds . After all, these are the most important aspects of your investment.

What is growing the diamond market?

The rising prices are mainly due to the huge demand from the BRIC countries. The growing economies of India and China have particularly boosted global diamond sales. They are at number 1 when it comes to diamond consumption and are also growing faster. There are only 30 operating mines in the world. Diamond giant De Beers has estimated the possibility of finding a new 1% mineable diamond mine, but it should be noted that it would take 10-12 years for any new mine to be usable. Increasing demand, combined with declining supply, continues to drive prices.

How can I find out more about investing in diamonds? Where can I buy the correct colored diamond? Ask the diamond experts at Argyle Diamond Investments about the right price / quality ratio for your investment portfolio.

How to choose a colored diamond as an investment?

The Investment diamonds are rare. We can divide them into the following price ranges (which logically correlate with their rarity):

● Diamonds in basic colors: brown, gray and yellow

● Medium-colored diamonds: intense in vivid yellow, orange tones

● Expensive and rare colored diamonds: pure orange, green, purple, pink and blue

● Red diamonds: out of category

To gain perspective and to clarify that although brown diamonds are classified as "basic" and relatively common, there is nothing "common" or "basic" about a 10 carat brown diamond with VS clarity. It should also be borne in mind that this division into categories is very general. There are hundreds of different types of colored diamonds and each specific color means a different price.

If you are looking for a perfect investment diamond, the end goal is always to find a diamond, within budget, that is not too rare or special for future demand. We would like to give you some basic tips.


We have covered this issue extensively in previous articles , but we will return to it here more briefly. Make sure the diamond comes with a certificate. It is the only way to really know what you are buying. The person to whom you will sell them later will also want to see the certificate.


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