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What you should know about domestic hot water production systems?

Any modern house today has a domestic hot water production system that is essential in a house. Being an essential element of comfort, this water is useful for washing, washing dishes, cooking, etc. But what is it that warms this water? What are the domestic hot water production systems?

The 3 possible systems for the production of domestic hot water

As a reminder, "Hogan Hot Water" (HHW) is a term specific to the language of plumbing. It refers to water that is heated and used in the household. The three main energies used to provide domestic hot water are gas, electricity and solar energy.

Whatever domestic hot water production system is chosen, an excellent water connection is required. Irregular maintenance or a failure of a major part can lead to malfunction and hot water failure. In order not to be confronted with this situation, bring in specialists such as Hogan Hot Water.

Domestic hot water from an electric base

The installation of an electric water heater is necessary to benefit from a domestic hot water production system that works with electricity. Here are the two types of existing electric water heaters:

The instantaneous electric water heater

This type of Hot water systems allows you to heat the water immediately so that you get hot water whenever you need it. The advantage of choosing an electric water heater is that it is compact and ultra practical. Not only is its price affordable, it is also easy to install. However, domestic hot water production can be unstable and the temperature can be difficult to regulate. Thus, the instantaneous electric water heater is particularly advantageous for the production of additional domestic hot water, for the dishes for example.

Electric storage water heater

Otherwise called cumulus, the storage water heater mechanism allows water to be accumulated using a tank. Constantly heated, this water gives you the possibility of enjoying a large quantity of hot water heated in advance. Note that there are large balloons that can contain up to 300 liters and more. They can supply all the needs of a house. On the other hand, the drawback of its use is the considerable power consumption.

Sanitary water from a renewable energy base

In order to optimize the electricity consumption of your water heater, two solutions based on a renewable source of energy are available to you:

The renewable energy water heater:

The operation of this type of storage water heater is almost identical to that of a conventional electric water heater. 

A photovoltaic panel which serves as an energy generator is often associated with this water heater. If you combine this domestic hot water production mechanism with energy storage solutions, it will be very advantageous to overcome the problems of excess electricity consumption.

The thermodynamic water heater

With an Gas Hot Water assembled with an integrated heat pump, the principle of this system consists of recovering the calories present in the ambient air of a room equipped with devices that give off heat. Despite a large initial investment, this ecological device supplies you with domestic hot water at a fairly low cost.

Domestic hot water from a gas base

There are three types of heating with a gas boiler:

Instant production:

Thanks to gas, domestic hot water is constantly available. You can just wait a few seconds without wasting too much cold water before you get hot water.

Micro-accumulated production:

Here, the domestic hot water is heated beforehand then stored in a mini tank ensuring a hot temperature. The amount of water stored depends on the size of this balloon.

Accumulated production:

The basis of the storage boiler is the same as described above. Only, it allows to benefit from a large quantity of domestic hot water which is stored in a tank and continuously reheated.


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