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Sign Design Tips for Businesses in Times of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to reconvert and make reforms in their establishments. That sometimes also implies changes in the exterior signage, for example if your business is going to offer another type of service and you need to make a transformation of your brand.

In this article we would like you to have some sign design tips for your company. Keep in mind that in any case it is recommended that you have experts in signage, such as the services that we offer you in Big colour.

signage design

How to adapt your lettering to Covid-19

There are several aspects that must be taken into account to reform the interior of our establishment and also the exterior.

Introduce safety signs

Inside our establishment, whatever the type, it may be convenient to introduce signs. Sometimes it is even necessary that we introduce them in front of our door or in the parking lot. Mentions of the safety distance may be necessary to avoid queues.

The signs can also be inside the establishment. It is about showing safety recommendations in any aspect that may affect your business. Everything that is necessary to guarantee compliance with the regulations.

Adapt your exterior lettering

If there is a transformation of your brand, this will also affect the exterior signage. It is possible that even the name of your company changes, or the advertising information that you include in your windows, balconies or any element of the exterior facade.

The lettering must be according to the needs of your business. It is important to bear in mind that, in the face of general discomfort, attracting attention is essential for our business to convey good feelings and generate a sense of security.

Run responsible advertising campaigns

billboard design

In your billboards, displays or any type of design, it is convenient that the messages of your campaigns are responsible. It is not that now everything has to be monothematic about Covid-19, but it is about being aware of the situation that the people to whom the advertising is directed are living.

Considering mobility restrictions, it is important to check the location of our billboards and act strategically.

Convey a positive feeling for your brand

Through the lettering of your shop windows or facades, we can convey a positive feeling of our brand. There is talk that this Christmas is going to be atypical and it is possible that many of our streets seem sad.

In order to recover commerce, the ideal is that our establishment (if it can be open) transmits a feeling of positivity and harmony. This can be achieved through illuminated signs, which not only attract attention, but also generate that feeling of modernity and security that pedestrians want to see in a business.

Take the opportunity to label your company's vehicles

Although there are mobility restrictions, many companies will continue to operate, yes or yes. And also company vehicles. Taking into account that the car is one of the most convenient ways to get around to avoid crowds, it can also be the best tool to make yourself known.

Many people will not see your business in other ways. But every time your car is running, it can get someone's attention. Even when it's parked. A person who lives opposite or who passes by may need your services and write down your phone number or your email.

Do guerilla marketing

Like car wrapping, there are many other labeling strategies that can help you make your company known. They are not expensive, but they can have a tremendous impact around you precisely because they are simple and practical.

Digital printing opens up many possibilities to promote your company. Some companies are putting out custom face masks, as well as other advertising products that can reach many people.

Increase the effectiveness of your commercial signs

In times of difficult consumption, small details can be vital to attract attention. There are electronic or luminous commercial signs that can help you increase the arrival of customers to your office.

Think that if you do not have visibility, many potential clients do not know that you exist. In your city, a proper signage strategy can help you reach the people you need.

Take advantage of moments of transition

We are in times of change. Great opportunities can emerge from crises if we know how to adapt. How many times have you not been putting off the renovation of your establishment because you didn't have time?

Perhaps that moment has now come. Taking advantage of these circumstances can allow you to reconvert your business to adapt to the post-Covid world and take flight with a new brand image and powerful and spectacular signage.

We hope these tips help you understand the importance of strategic and effective signage today. If you need our advice and help, Contact us at Big colour today!


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