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How often should you check your bike?

The maintenance of the bikes is, perhaps, the aspect that generates the most concern for cyclists in general, since they always want their bicycle to be in perfect condition. Checking your bike is essential to verify its status and that of each of its components. It is true that by following a series of tips to take care of bicycles from home, bikes can extend their good condition and maintain their performance for a little longer, but this does not exempt a visit to the bicycle workshop from time to time as necessary.

bike maintenance

Answering the question of how often your bicycle should be serviced is somewhat complex, since many factors come into play, from the use that bikes are given, whether they are used to ride in cities or to practice some discipline from cycling like MTB, to the individual performance of each of its components. When talking about time, there are estimates of visits to the bicycle workshop so that they can maintain their good condition and good condition.

Checking your bike is something that is recommended to be done in the following periods of time:

One month after purchasing

The first bicycle service should be one month after purchase, one month of use. This review will be one of the most important because it can rule out any factory errors that the bike may be presenting.

Usually this first service is done in the same place where the bike was purchased. Not only so that the workers there have a notion of the condition of the bicycles they sell, but also to be able to establish any claim after the review, because, if the bikes do not leave the store in good condition, the mechanics there should respond for the faults that these present.

Before completing six months of purchase

The intention of this review is to verify that the use that the cyclist is giving his bicycle is not too rough for it, and although the case is applicable for city cyclists, this review is essential for extreme cyclists, to those who practice MTB and also BMX.

These disciplines are intense, so the bicycles must have the necessary resistance to withstand the bustle of these practices. The six-month review is also indicated to make the changes that people believe necessary in their bicycles, since they know their performance and can decide if they want to add improvements or not.

When you turn one year after buying it

If any changes were made to the bike during the six-month visit to the bicycle workshop, the review of the year after purchase is the one that verifies that these changes were adequate, both for the bicycle itself and for the cyclists, because the comfort of these is always the most important. When you have your bike serviced one year after buying it, it is always recommended to vocalize the expectations you want from bikes in the long term, because the next time you visit the bike workshop will be between 3 and 5 years old.

bike maintenance checklist

Any time between 3 and 5 years after purchasing the bike

It is worth mentioning that from the review after one year of purchasing the bicycle, the following can be determined by the time or the constancy of use or by the discomfort or concerns that may be noticed when riding the bike.

The lifespan of bicycles is said to be around six years, but with proper care, this time can be extended. However, this is the main reason for revisions between 3 and 5 years after purchasing the bike.

The wear of the parts is something that occurs thanks to the frequency of use of the bikes, so this review allows us to know which of the components or which of the parts of the bicycles need a change or replacement, as well as to verify that all your systems are in good condition and do not require repair.

Prior to any important event for the cyclist

Before embarking on the adventure of signing up for a cycling competition, a triathlon or simply before doing an important bike tour, it is advisable to go to the bike workshop to rule out any problem that causes a setback when participating in these events.

However, time is not the only measure that can be used to know when it is necessary to have your bike serviced, but it can also be the frequency of use. In this case, the aforementioned applies a little above: the components and parts of the bicycles wear, but each one does it with different estimates.

  • Chain change - between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometers traveled. The chain stretches with the passage of time and mileage.
  • Cassette and turntable change - between 4,000 and 6,000 kilometers. They are stronger than chains, but can start to rust and corrode after many runs.
  • Change of brake pads - Once or twice a year. The friction it creates with the wheels makes them less effective.
  • Change of cables and covers - Once a year.
  • Brake bleed - Once a year. It is important to verify that the brakes work perfectly and that none tend to seize.
  • Suspension for inspection and shock absorber inspection - Once a year. It could increase in the case of practicing BMX or MTB.

Maitland bicycle shop

Despite the level of care that each cyclist can give to the care of their bike, it is likely that there is always some problem that it is preferable to treat from the root. The revision of your bicycle will ensure the good condition of it, allowing you to enjoy its use for a longer time.


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