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Electrical risk: preventive measures for the home


The risk of electrocution is multiplied in homes due to the amount of utensils and electrical devices we have at home. Therefore, it is essential to know the dangers associated with the electrical network as well as the electrical risk prevention measures to avoid complications. Take note!

electrical safety measures

What is an electrical hazard?

Electrical hazard is the possibility of an electrical shock. This type of accident can cause physical damage to people, injuries that can be the result of the discharge itself or of fires that originate as a result. The most serious cases can end in death. On the other hand, electrical risks can cause great material damage to the home, causing many electrical appliances to stop working or a fire of very diverse scope.

The 5 golden rules of electricity

Electrical risk can be minimized with proper prevention. These are the 5 rules that we should all apply at home to achieve this:


If you are going to manipulate any cable in the house, it is essential that you previously cut the electricity supply in the main register box. It is enough that you lower the automatic of the area where you are going to intervene but if you have doubts, it is advisable that you cut the general.


  • Through mechanical means, any possible re-connection must be prevented. For this, padlocks can be used.
  • The remote control must be blocked in those remote controlled devices, canceling the electrical supply of the circuit.
  • It should be visibly signaled that you are working on those interlocked devices.


The absence of voltage should be checked before starting any electrical test or procedure.


With this step and in relation to the prevention of electrical risks, a safety zone is created against any possible incident. If for any reason or by accident, the equipment was to be put back on, a short circuit would be generated and the current would be diverted to Earth. In this way, the danger would be eliminated.


If you are going to carry out any manipulation related to the electrical network, it is important that you protect yourself with the appropriate safety barriers and that you mark the work areas. In many stores you can find what is known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with which to deal with an electrical risk.

What risks does an electrical accident entail?

As we anticipated, the danger of an electrical risk can translate into different damages for the people who live in the house as well as for the various material goods:

  • Injuries in the form of minor skin burns.
  • Skin burns of varying severity from fires caused by an electrical accident.
  • Death as a result of an electric shock, fire burns, or smoke inhalation.
  • Deterioration of electrical and electronic equipment. It is important to note that fortunately you can recover the value of these devices if you know how to choose a home insurance that includes the electrical damage guarantee.
  • Damage to furniture and the structure of the home caused by a fire that is caused by an electrical accident.


Nowadays, due to the great use of electrical devices that we use, there is a risk of electrocution, a danger that we can avoid by applying the 5 fundamental golden rules:

  • Cut off supply before touching wires
  • Interlocking, blocking and signaling
  • Checking the absence of voltage
  • Grounding and shorting
  • Take security measures

In addition, if you have good home insurance, you gain peace of mind in the event of an electrical accident taking place, since household appliances and electronic devices are protected in the event of an electric shock. On the other hand, the structure of the house and its contents are also covered if they are damaged by fire. For more information, you can contact Powered Electrical & Data today to learn more on how to prevent any electrical accidents in your home.


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