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Being a mother, a forgotten pleasure

In other times, having children was not perceived as a burden, but as a good in itself. Is motherhood a neutral event, which each age has positive or negative connotations? I do not think so. Parenting, and childcare should be enjoyable in itself.

It is necessary to care for and feed children for years. No animal does it for as long as humans. If our most distant ancestors, without education or social norms, without law or religion, had thought that babies were an excessive burden, they would have abandoned them without the slightest remorse.

Additionally, there appears to be an important feedback mechanism that the more you care for a baby, the more you want to continue to care for it. You fall in love.

Do not sacrifice yourself for how they tell you that you should take care of your children, or for them, because being a mother does not mean giving up being yourself.

In this way, faced with the inevitable fights and slights of his future adolescence, instead of "How he pays me for everything I did for him" you can think "What happy years I have lived with this child. "And make no mistake about it, adolescence will pass.


How can we enjoy motherhood once and for all? We give you several keys:

1. Set priorities

You can go a year without cleaning the dust, and nothing happens. After three hours of work the house is impeccable again.

But if you spend a year ignoring your baby, without playing with him, without hugging him, who is going to cleanse his soul later?

2. Being children again

Is it the first and do you feel lost? You have more resources than you imagine. You have never been a mother before, but you have been a daughter. Connect with the girl in you. Don't forget your feelings, fears, joys and your hopes.

Do you understand now why your child disgusts spinach or is afraid of the dark? Why don't you want to stop playing to eat or why do you forget to wash your hands?

3. Sleeping with your baby

If you are afraid that the baby will fall out of bed, you can leave the bed frame directly on the floor. You can also expand the double bed by putting a single mattress next to it. So that the baby does not get trapped in the gap between the mattresses, it is better to leave the individual to Dad.

4. Bedtime story time

At what age do they begin to sleep alone? This is highly variable. It is likely that by the age of three he will be convinced to sleep alone, as long as they tell him stories and keep him company until he falls asleep.

5. If the child does not want to walk ...

Children begin to take their first steps towards the year or year and a half. But it is one thing to walk around Mom, at home and when she is quiet, and quite another to walk down the street with her little hand.

This is much more complicated for the child and they usually do not do it until they are three years old. Two-year-olds don't refuse to walk out of “meanness,” but because they really can't. They need you to carry them in your arms or, if they accept it, in a stroller.

6. Use a baby sling or scarf

Tired of the stroller? They are a hassle to get into the subway or the bus. In addition, some children get angry and you have to carry them in your arms and guide the empty car with one hand.

It can be much more practical to carry the child in a shoulder bag or tied with a long cloth of about four meters that they sell especially for this use.

7. Take a break

Desperate, overwhelmed, exhausted? Take the child in your arms, walk while you sing to him, or sit and rest with him. You will see how in a few minutes you both feel better.

If this doesn't work, have Dad or Grandma take him for a walk for a couple of hours. Take advantage of that time to rest, and not to do other things that you have pending. If you are so exhausted, what you need most is a good nap.

8. Follow your maternal instincts

Do not depend on the comments of others. Some people seem "upset" to see a happy mother with her child in her arms.

But they grow so fast that if you don't pamper it now, when are you going to? Do you think that when he is 12 years old you will be able to carry him in your arms?


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