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Inspires the future in air conditioning

Comapany has announced the launch of its Dawn air conditioners along with a number of other air conditioners.Air conditioning have been introduced and designed mainly by inspiration from the needs and requirements of consumers and taking into account the weather conditions of the country. The launch aims to maintain The position as an industry leader, especially in the air conditioning segment, and offers consumers a wide range of products in this category.

Comapany  has announced the launch of its Dawn air conditioners along with a number of other air conditioners.

The new range of air conditioners comes with inverter technology that results in power saving capabilities and ensures fast cooling comfort during extreme Indian summer. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the ACs help cool the room quickly and efficiently, even if the ambient temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. With 180-degree Sine Wave DC inverter technology and a DC motor, the ACs allow consumers to save more electricity, ensure fast comfort and have a remote control.

The launch includes 21 state-of-the-art panels available in quantities from 0.75 tonnes to 2 tonnes. The star among all is the "DAWN" series, armed with competitive features such as intelligent eye technology, which is a combination of the human sensor and the light sensor. It automatically adjusts the frequency and mode of operation according to the thermal load and helps to save over 65% electricity. This is a 7-star AC inverter that has Wi-Fi capabilities and comes with a built-in air purifier with PM 2.5 filter and an additional high quality net filter. In addition, AC also has a Hot-Cold feature; with 3D airflow function.

High-voltage installations,  Direct Cool inverters are activated with "Wi-Fi" functions and a touch function with 1-touch LEDs, along with a 60-foot airflow. These Air conditioning are designed exclusively to meet the generation of the internet and for people who are always on the move. Such features help consumers to use their devices at their disposal and control them through a mobile application anytime and anywhere.

Comapany  has announced the launch of its Dawn air conditioners along with a number of other air conditioners.

The other special and USP functionalities of the air conditioners are intelligent 3D air flow system, with a draft capacity of 40 ft, turbo cooled and clean indoor air system. Turbo Cool technology is designed to reduce energy consumption by using the correct levels of temperature and humidity. The clean indoor air feature removes dust and bacteria to purify indoor air with negative ionization technology. Moreover, the ACs are specially designed with an "QUIET" air flow control mechanism, which reduces noise levels to 22dB (A). For a perfect and easy after-sales experience, the air conditioners also have a full 1-year warranty on the complete set and offer an additional 11-year warranty for the compressor.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Braganza, President of Haier India, said: "India has been one of the main vital markets for and we have properly dedicated ourselves to our development and progress in the country. The launch is part of our constant effort to keep innovation and customer satisfaction as top priorities The new Air conditioning ranges are designed exclusively to provide consumers with unparalleled services that have a wide range of solutions in this category.With our central focus on customer-inspired innovation, we are proud to have been consistent in innovation through a complete understanding of consumers ".

The complete range of air conditioners includes a total of 21 models, 19 split and 2 AC windows.


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